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About Zoolingo - Preschool & Kindergarten Games

Children who play Zoolingo - Preschool & Kindergarten Games will be drawn in by the beautifully drawn and brightly coloured graphics.  Behind them, though, lies a wealth of fun and educational activities to help young children consolidate and develop their learning.

Zoolingo - Preschool & Kindergarten Games Review

Zoolingo - Preschool & Kindergarten Games looks every bit like it has been designed for preschool children. Colourful graphics ensure the environments, characters, and learning details welcome children and stimulate their curiosity.  Each graphical element is highly polished and matches the rest of the app perfectly.

The sound is similarly excellent. Music plays throughout the activities but can be toggled off if desired. Sound effects are clear and characterful.  Importantly for an app aimed at young children who are not yet able to read, the spoken parts of the app are clear and well enunciated.  Instructions and questions are spoken in a warm and friendly voice that forms part of a pleasant experience and lets children know how to complete the task at hand.

The educational activities are mostly practice ones: children are set a question which they must answer or complete. For example, children who have already been exposed to the order of the alphabet can practise their knowledge but the app does not explicitly teach it.  Having said that, the app does not punish incorrect answers so children need not feel stressed at making wrong choices.  They can learn through their mistakes as well as having their existing knowledge confirmed.  

This works well and encourages young children to explore the app and try new things, learning as they go. There are plenty of topics with which to engage.  

The different activity groups which can be freely selected cover shapes, colours, numbers, letters and many more, especially language-based ones such as occupations.  Some additional activities are more creative, such as colouring, and others are more about pure thinking skills, such as jigsaws.  Finally, there are a few that are just for fun, such as nursery rhymes, although even these help young children take their first steps in understanding music and taking pleasure from it.  

There are often a few different types of activities within each group.  For example, alphabet lets children practise forming letters, identifying letters, and placing them into the correct place in the alphabet.  The many activity groups, alongside the variety within them, ensure that this app will keep children interested.  There are also some linked printable resources available to subscribers that can extend the enjoyment of the app into more traditional interactions.

Children from multilingual families are afforded the chance to play this app in one of 16 different languages.  This feature might also make this app useful for children learning an additional language.

You can download this app for free and try it out in a  limited form indefinitely, or you can unlock the free trial which will be converted into a paid subscription after the trial period is over. Together, these options give you a good chance to see how the app suits your child. 

With such a wide variety of learning activities, new ones being added frequently, and its top-notch presentation, you may well find that you do wish to continue your subscription to Zoolingo - Preschool & Kindergarten Games. You should certainly download it and have a look to see what it offers.



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  • Zoolingo - Preschool & Kindergarten Games Zoolingo - Preschool & Kindergarten Games Zoolingo - Preschool & Kindergarten Games Zoolingo - Preschool & Kindergarten Games Zoolingo - Preschool & Kindergarten Games Zoolingo - Preschool & Kindergarten Games Zoolingo - Preschool & Kindergarten Games Zoolingo - Preschool & Kindergarten Games Zoolingo - Preschool & Kindergarten Games Zoolingo - Preschool & Kindergarten Games


** Celebrating 3 Million downloads and counting! **

Zoolingo is the best learning game for kids to play & learn in 16 languages! Enjoy toddler & preschool games with hundreds of puzzles and activities. Give kids a head start on education!

Toddlers, preschoolers & kindergarteners will love Zoolingo! Play amazing kid games and educational puzzles that teach the alphabet, counting, numbers, animal names and more. No matter what language you speak, your child can enjoy and learn in 16 languages!

Puzzles, memory and more 2 year old games will teach kids how to count, match, solve jigsaw puzzles and more. Learning is fun with Zoolingo!


- Over 200 game levels featuring a wide range of animals including jungle, farm and pets!
- Interactive sounds
- Animated animals and games for kids to enjoy in any language
- Great for home, preschools & kindergarten
- New kid games added all the time!

- Alphabet: Learn how to read and write a-z in many languages!
- Counting: Learn to count numbers and animals!
- Jigsaw puzzles: Piece the animal puzzles back together! 
- Card matching: Improve memory skills by matching the animals to their pictures and sounds!
- Drag the animals: Drag animals to a cage, count them, and learn their sounds!
- Complete the sequence: Recognize patterns and select the next animal to complete a sequence!
- Count and name: See how well your child learned the numbers and animals!
- Nursery rhymes!
- Kid coloring activities!
- Suitable for both boys and girls!

Sound and text instructions for multiple languages, including: 
- English
- Japanese 
- Mandarin (Chinese) 
- Spanish 
- Norwegian 
- French 
- German 
- Russian 
- Turkish 
- Italian 
- Danish 
- Swedish 
- Portuguese 
- South Korean
- Indonesian
- Arabic 

Toddler & preschool games from Zoolingo give your kid & baby a head-start on education! Download today!

Access all toddler & preschool games, activities and more with a paid subscription. 

Choose from three subscription options:
- $13.49 per month
- $27.99 per quarter
- $76.99 per year
*Note: prices may vary, please see inside the app for the up to date prices.

Zoolingo offers a free trial to access the full app content and features. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited if you purchase a paid subscription before the end. You may cancel or manage the free trial or any of the paid subscriptions from your iTunes account settings. Auto-renewal may also be turned off via the account settings in iTunes.

Your account will be charged for renewal of the chosen subscription within 24-hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. Cancellation of the current active subscription is not possible during the active subscription period. Paid subscriptions automatically renew within 24-hours prior to the end of the current active subscription period.

Note that prices of paid subscriptions may vary depending on your country. The actual amount charged will be presented to you in your local currency at the time of first purchase.


"This preschool game is one of the most fun kid games on the market. My son can simply not leave it alone and has put many hours into it. A great game, would highly recommend."

"My 2 year old brother loves this game! He won't give my iPad back until it is dead flat!"

"For a kid game this really proved to be fun. My daughter is in preschool and she loved the simple strategies and gameplay. Love the music and I would recommend this app to anyone who wants to improve their kids critical thinking."

"I saw a child my daughters age playing this on a plane and after many fruitless searches I finally found the monkey game and it is of course worth the wait"

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