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About Zoo Alphabet for kids

This is a fantastically colourful and enjoyable app to use. Its aim is to help young children who are just beginning to learn the alphabet, and are on their journeys to becoming readers, the opportunity to learn the alphabet through a number of fun interactive games. The real pleasure of the app is the graphics that will not only engage users but keep them coming back for more.

Zoo Alphabet for kids Review

This app is aimed at young children who are just beginning to learn the alphabet as they begin the process of learning how to read. It is completely interactive and contains three different games, each aimed at helping the user to learn the letters of the alphabet. One of the biggest draws of the app is the style and design within it. The developers have obviously spent a lot of time working on an app that has good content and but will also engage young children into wanting to use the app in the first place. This is key and an area where a lot of apps aimed at this age range falls down as they focus too much on content and not on design. The graphics and animations in the app are colourful, engaging and also friendly which for this age is a definite must to achieve this.

It must also be noted that this app is not for helping young children learning how to read in terms of it giving the sounds of each of the letters it is more focussed on helping children to learn the alphabet. This is obviously an important first step in learning how to read but its focus is on the alphabet, each letter’s name and recognition of the letter rather than the sounds of the letters themselves. In this sense the app is quite refreshing in that it is not trying to do too much as so many other apps in this age range and category try.

The learning within the app is split into 3 different games. At this point it is also worth mentioning that built into the app there are in-app purchases which unlock content in three of the games, whereas all the letters in the alphabet section are already unlocked. The first activity has the user discover all the letters of the alphabet linked to as specific animal. The letter and the animal is spoken so the reader can make the connection. The sounds, just like the graphics in the app are pitched well to the intended user and importantly are clear to hear.

The second game then encourages the users to build on their knowledge of each letter by selecting the correct one to go with the animal they were introduced to in the first game. As time goes on more letters appear for the user to select from increasing the difficulty and relying on the user to continue to build their recognition of each letter. The final game goes one step further and again encourages a deeper recognition of each letter by asking the user to place the correct letters into the correct order to spell the name of the different animals. The user has the correct spelling in shadow at the bottom and are required to drag the correct letter to the right place. Again this further develops the user’s recognition and understanding of each letter.

Overall I think this is an excellent app whose design and usability makes it perfect for this age range. I would envisage it being used with a parent and child as they discover together the letters of the alphabet however it could also be used in an Early Years educational setting.

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