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About Zebrainy: kids learning games

Zebrainy: kids learning games is an easy to use, educational app featuring games, stories, cartoons, letters, numeracy, sizes, colours, shapes and much more. This app is suitable for ages 2 to 6 and helps develop emotional intelligence, logic and reasoning. The app is based on the adventures of a Zebra who travels to a number of wonderful places where they encounter problem-solving activities and interactive storytelling.

This app is free from adverts and is a subscription-based package. A limited free trial is available to new subscribers to the application. The application runs many subscriptions-based services ranging from an initial monthly intro to 3 monthly subscriptions ($34.99) to a yearly subscription fee ($99.99). The application is supported by an extensive developers’ website and parents will be pleased to know that it is child-safe including a time limit within the application to avoid too much screen time.

Zebrainy: kids learning games Review

Upon opening Zebrainy app, the user is shown a loading delightful loading screen with wonderful graphics. A loading progress bar is shown at the top (we did notice that the application takes some time to load, teachers may want to factor this into their lesson plans).

Parents/Teachers are encouraged to set up a tailormade account for their child. This includes their name, age, gender and hobbies such as arts, animals, sports, dance, music, friends, outdoors, crafts, adventures and Storytime. This process is intuitive and quick and easy. The developers may want to consider reverting to a landscape mode rather than the application switching between landscape and portrait for different sections. This can be slightly frustrating. There is also a speech bubble on the opening screen where the developers can be emailed. We suggest that this is removed. If parents wish to contact the developers they will happily access this further in the application.

Once the account has been saved a ‘Study Plan’ can be viewed using the icon at the bottom of the screen. For this review, we will be focusing on the features suitable for ages 5 and above.

The ‘Study Plan’ shows a delightful video of how the learning program has been created including limited screen time (30 minutes a day) and the different types of course for different age groups such as younger children focusing on shapes and colours whilst older users will focus on numeracy and literacy. We recommend that parents and teachers watch this video to have a greater understanding of the application. The developers may want to consider changing the title from ‘Study plan’ to ‘About us’ or ‘Tutorial’, a ‘Study plan’ suggests that the feature will outline the single study plan for the individual user rather than generic information. 

The ‘Kid’ setting in the bottom left provides a unique insight into the progress of the child using a percentage chart. This includes insight into Learning Progress including digits and counting, Syllables and Words, Letters and Number building, Colours and categories and voice recognition, this is ideal for both parents and teachers wishing to monitor progress. It is noted that this Learning Progress may differ for the age of the child. The developers may also like to note that we spotted a spelling mistake and a button in a different language under the ‘Your kid’ drop-down menu. Once again, the layout is clean, intuitive with some beautiful graphics. The ‘Settings’ icon allows the user to switch the sound on and off along with contact details for help and support.

Once the user has entered the game (reverting to landscape mode) there enter a stunning world of visual graphics following the travels of a Zebra and its ship. We loved the attention to detail including the raindrops on the screen and moving water. Parents and teachers wishing to return to the ‘Settings’ menu can do so using the icon in the top right. This option has a parental lock via number recognition. The developers may consider changing this is a multiplication sum rather than just a number for further security. The popping bubbles between loading screens is a lovely touch.

The first island asks the user to collect 5 coloured gems displayed across the top of the screen. To collect the first gem (gold) the user must move the objects to create the underwater shape. There is a hint feature displayed by the moving hand which is helpful. This is intuitive and delightful to play focusing on shape recognition and fine motor skills.

The second island (green gem) asks the user to place the dice number values to the numerical symbols. Parents and teacher will be pleased to know that this application can be played unsupported due to the use of the ‘hint’ feature in the top right as well as the audible prompts. The developers may consider using text to explain the task at the beginning of the task, this would also help with literacy, playing with the sound off and well reaffirming the task at hand. Once the numbers have been selected the gem is collected. 

Storytelling occurs between each island travel keeping the user highly engaged. Dropping a magnetic anchor to collect the coins is the name of the game this time, but you must avoid the fish. This is great for teaching children timing and fine motor skills. It is noted that there is no return back button within this game, unlike the others. This has great playability and the cartoons are wonderful. A full complement of coins will reward the user with the pink gem.

The purple gem can be collected by finding the matching smiling jellyfish. This gameplay focuses on emotional intelligence allowing the child to recognize expressions and emotions shown on the characters. A correct answer will move Zebra closer to the gem. If you are struggling watch out for the bobbing jellyfish hint!

The red gem can be collected feeding the hungry winged tabby cats using the correct numbers. Press on the cat to ask them which numbers they would like to eat.

The final gem (purple) is collected by fixing and moving the bridge. Literacy bubbles can be found floating above to match the sounds. This is ideal for word sounds and construction of words as the bridges are closed together. 

Once the gems are collected the magic chest can be opened. This element of the story has some great interactive touches such as the jumping crab and the hanging lights. Our users were slightly disappointed that it seemed to end here until they pressed on the ship.

Entering the Zebra’s ship also provides access to several gameplay features. We did feel that the application was slightly disjointed in that certain elements created a story and others did very little, there seemed to be little continuity, however, we understand that part of the learning is exploring the app itself.

Entering the picture of the wall gives access to a story (again there is a skip button here rather than a back button). The story was engaging and tells the story of the 'Coloured Zebra'. 

The Gem book provides access to other stories including ‘The Caterpillar’ and ‘Flint and Steel’ both the stories are highly engaging and wonderfully presented. The application will only allow the user to explore until night-time has come. The user can return the following day to explore more. The developers can be commended for creating a time limit within the application. Not only does this restrict screen time but is also good for mental health and well-being. 

Returning to the ‘Progress screen’ we can see the user has increased their learning progress throughout the program. The developers may want to show gems that have been collected in this area to also keep the user engaged. Two days of play resulted in only 3% of the applications progress demonstrating how vast this application is and it’s no wonder it has received many awards. 

Our users thoroughly enjoyed playing ‘Zebrainy: kids learning games’ from the wonderful graphics and music to the differentiation in gameplay. The application has great educational value and students will be engaged and happy to learn about literacy, numeracy, fine motor skills, emotional well-being, new experiences exploration, multicultural artefacts, decision making and so much more. This application comes highly recommended by The EducationalAppStore.com

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