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Zapp 2 Learn

Rating Zapp 2 Learn - 5 out of 5 - Best Rating 5.0

  • Android, iPad, iPhone
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  • age 3+
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About Zapp 2 Learn

Zapp2Learn makes use of the excitement of using a mobile device but adds the tangibility of a printed document to teach phonics. Rather than pressing the touchscreen of the device, the child interacts with printed documents, called Zapp Sheets. Creating a new fun experience of using a mobile app for learning, we have awarded Zapp2learn an EAS 5 star recommendation.

Zapp 2 Learn Review

Who ever said “print is dead”?! Zapp2Learn app has revived the printed medium through the clever use of QR codes. Learners are required to scan the correct letters’ QR code to fill in the gap and correctly spell the word represented in the accompanying image. While this doesn’t sound like an exciting concept- trust me it is!

Upon launching the app users will be asked to enter their registration details provided to them by the Zapp2Learn team. Within the welcome pack provided by Zapp2learn are 12 worksheets with different combinations of letters and phonics. Although our common sense told us so, it was not made clear to the user that once a level is completed the user must progress onto the next worksheet. Once this point is clarified with the user, this app is brilliant for independent learning within a classroom environment or as part of additional classroom support.

Although the QR code features make this a distinctive phonics app due to its increase in learn engagement, the real value within this software comes from its progress reporting features. Teachers and parents can log into the website to view each individual users reports, an outstanding feature for teachers to track their individual students progression and where their students may need additional support (reports can be viewed online or downloaded in the form of excel spreadsheet enabling teachers to document work undertaken). Unfortunately this data collection is not flawless, the camera can sometimes be too quick to register a QR code before the user has had a chance to position the camera over the correct answer. Consequently results in the data collected to be flawed; therefore we would advise other teachers and parents to take poor results as simply a note that would require further examination to ascertain as to whether a child is genuinely struggling.

Although the admin section found within the Zapp2Learn website leaves a little to be desired from an experience perspective, it is a great feature for one main admin to be able to login and see how everyone is using the app specifically when it comes to setting work outside the classroom. “The dog ate my homework” will become an excuse of the past. The app does have a few kinks that need ironing out, but the value and level of engagement this app provides is second to none.

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Android, iPad, iPhone




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