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About Zapzapmath School : K-6 Games

Zap Zap Math is a games-based learning platform, allowing children to play a variety of different games covering numerous mathematical topics from kindergarten to 6th grade.  Excellent graphics, engaging user interface and designed to accompany any child throughout their early mathematical education.

Zapzapmath School : K-6 Games Review

Upon opening the app, children must first set up the system.  They must enter their grade, choose a character and its name, and then read the introduction.  From here, they are presented with a home page, which lists their grade and the associated skills, broken down into topics.  For example, grade 5 users can see the topics: fractions; number basics; and shape and measure.  Under each topic, there are four different skills: training, accuracy, speed, and mission. Within each skill there are multiple different phases, so “training” for example has several different areas, with each area repeating the skill in a slightly different manner, usually adding an element of difficulty, thus continually developing children’s learning.  Within the game, many of the areas are locked. At first, only training can be accessed. Users are then able to upgrade to the premium version, this costs $9.99 per year.   

In terms of the actual game play, the developers boast over 150 games covering over 180 mathematical topics, each aligned to the Ontario curriculum for mathematics. With so many different games, users are asked whether they would like to watch a tutorial, before playing. This takes them through how to play, explaining the game systematically using excellent visual graphics, alongside numeric representations and clear simple instructions. By the end of the process, they should know how to play the game confidently.  Children must answer questions or solve puzzles throughout the game, and at the end of the game, they are awarded points. Additional points are given for speed and accuracy. The child’s score is then listed alongside the world’s best. Each game is thoroughly thought through and to offer so many games is an indication that the developer intends the app to have a long life span. Unlike other apps, this app is designed to accompany children through their earlier education - this is reflected in the annual subscription rather than one off payment.

Returning to the homepage, under “more features” users can view a table of contents, which lists the skills introduced at each grade; edit their spaceship – the reward programme associated with the game; take a short quiz; sign up; or upgrade to the premium version.  The app states that it comes with analytics for parents and teachers to keep track of real learning outcomes.  This is accessible through the ‘signup’ section.  Here, parents or teachers must enter their contact details, then go to the ZapZapMath website to complete the signin/up, before viewing the child’s progress.  Without a premium subscription, there is very little to see here. It would be nice to see this process simplified or completed solely through the app. 

The developer might also want to consider including subscription information within the app for their target audiences – children, parents, or teachers.  For example, parents may want to see their children’s learning from within the app while teachers might want to see the aggregate learning of a class and be able to select individual children to view them in more detail.  At present only one subscription model seems available from within the app.

Overall, an excellent app. Mathematical learning through game play is at the heart of this app. Children are continually engaged by the graphics and game itself

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