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Zap Zap Fractions : Virtual Fraction Tutor

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Zap Zap Fractions is a great app for your kids by taking them to outer space to learn and understand the basics about fractions. It offers great step by step tutorials and short interactive lessons along with an engaging gameplay interface perfect for any kids starting to learn about fractions. The more problems they solve correctly, the more asteroids kids will destroy.

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  • Zap Zap Fractions : Virtual Fraction TutorZap Zap Fractions : Virtual Fraction TutorZap Zap Fractions : Virtual Fraction TutorZap Zap Fractions : Virtual Fraction TutorZap Zap Fractions : Virtual Fraction Tutor


Zap Zap Fractions is the most fun and simple way to learn the basics of fractions – complemented by the perfect balance of gamification. More chapters, coming soon!


Our latest app lets you learn the basics of fractions in a quick, visually-interactive, engaging way. Math need not be alien to you anymore. Start with the “lessons” module. With each new fractions lesson learnt, you’re given a mission: to build together parts of a spaceship. Our Virtual Teacher will guide you through each lesson, step by step. You’ll further be asked questions on the spot and get corrected if you make mistakes.


After completing your “lessons”, proceed to the “challenge” (or “training”) module where you can practice answering fractions questions. As you solve each question, you will be navigating your fully-constructed spaceship through the galaxy and zapping away asteroids of destruction! Time is ticking… Score right answers – BOOM, goes the asteroid! Wrong answers – WATCH OUT, they’re coming for you. Zap Zap Fractions is like a live math worksheet disguised as a game, and not the other way round. It lets you learn as you play, at your own pace.


The first installment of our app uses the widely accepted Common Core Standards for math education – renowned for incorporating higher-level critical thinking skills and preparing students for life after school. We plan to release more app versions covering a wider range of math topics, and spawning more math whizzes on planet earth! Look out for more mind-blowing content to come.

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