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Developer Description

If your children love Youtube but you don't want them to be exposed everything Youtube has to offer, then this app is what you are looking for.

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"Overall I was pleased with the solution offered by Youtube Videos for Kids and the app’s ease of use."

There are apps that offer videos for kids but they provide a general selection. You know ,as a parent, what your children like so why not have an app that you can modify the content. This way, you can select videos, say, that is appropriate for a 4 years old girl with Spanish as the native language or for a 12 years old boy with big interest in cars and speaks English.... Youtube has everything, but you want only the relevant content.

This version will allow users to search Youtube videos and add them into the list (all within app).With this, every parent will be able to create their own list of videos that is the most suitable for their kids (age,gender,language,interest etc..).

"Youtube Videos for Kids" is currently listed under New & Noteworthy iPhone Games/Education Apps in the App Store. Thanks for the support.

Search Youtube and add your favorite videos to your list.

By default, you can add/remove videos from the list, once you have created the list, we recommend you go to settings for kidstube and disable editing (this will also simplify the interface, just videos that you have selected)

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