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This app, 50 Core Principles of Youth Ministry, features 50 seven-minute audio messages. Each presents a core principle of youth ministry. The seven-minute length is perfect for listening during a morning commute. In addition to the audios, the app presents the very best books that unpack each of the 50 core principles.

1995–1999: Many observers began to sense all was not well with youth ministry.

2000–2008: Research and study were conducted to discover approaches that would lead far more teenagers to be Christ followers all their lives.

2008–2012: Seminal books, journals, and articles each reported certain discoveries and new insights.

But until now . . . no one pulled all the pieces together. 50 Core Principles of Youth Ministry is a concise synthesis of the best we now know about ministry with the next generation.

The app synthesizes excellent research, thinking, and writing by such leaders as Jeff Borton, Bo Boshers, Jim Burns, Francis Chan, Chap Clark, Kenda Dean, Mark DeVries, Mike DeVries, Tim Eldred, Tim Elmore, Doug Fields, Richard Foster, Eric Geiger, Mike Higgs, Allen Jackson, Len Kageler, Mike King, David Kinnaman, Rick Lawrence, Mark Matlock, Jeanne Mayo, Josh McDowell, Sean McDowell, Walt Mueller, Mark Oestreicher, David Platt, Kara Powell, Dave Rahn, Alvin Reid, Duffy Robbins, Barry Shafer, Christian Smith, Barry St. Clair, Gregg Stier, Rich Van Pelt, Scott Wilcher, Dallas Willard, and many others.

Content by Richard Ross, PhD, 30-year youth minister, professor of youth ministry, author of 22 books in youth ministry.

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