Yours, Vincent The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh

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From the Developer

Let Vincent guide you on a journey through his life and art, in his own words…

Yours, Vincent is a unique application provided by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. The application uses the artist's own letters to explore the life and times of one of the world's most famous and misunderstood men.
We know him as a troubled genius who died young and unrecognised in his lifetime. Here for the first time you can enter the mind of Vincent himself and discover his real genius.
Listen to dramatic readings of the letters, get a closer look at his early sketches, watch his style develop from the scratches of a young artist to the powerful brushstrokes that became his trademark. The application features many of Vincent's sketches and paintings from the Van Gogh Museum collection, video interviews with the museum’s letters experts and new picture galleries that showcase his art.
Yours, Vincent breathes new life into the artist and invites us into Vincent's world in a way never possible before.

Yours, Vincent is a Pentimento application created by Antenna Audio, the world's leading producer of mobile interpretation for museums and cultural attractions.

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