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From the Developer

Learning The Alphabet Has Never Been So Much Fun!!!

Your Voice Alphabet
AGE: 1-8

Your kids will have fun learning the alphabet's letters and words. This learning adventure is endless and without limits. You are enable to configure what your kids learn.

Record Voice Alphabet
You are able to set the complete alphabet on screen.

You may select the information to be displayed on each letter, which consist of a picture (it can be any picture on "alphabetvoice" folder) the word(s) to be displayed and the sound you will like to listen every time the key is pressed.

You are able to have fun with your kids while recording the alphabet. The limit is your imagination.

Default Learning and Your Voice Learning
There are two screens of alphabet the default learning and YourVoice Learning. On default learning you will find the alphabet original configuration and preset images, words and sounds. On YourVoice Learning you will find the alphabet you configure.

The game consist in selecting the right object and move it into the book bag.

Product Features

- Kids will learn the alphabet letters associated with words, sounds and images.
- Emphasis on early child learning stimulation.
- Infinite learning, customize your own alphabet images words and sounds.
- Positive reinforcements.
- Fun recording sessions.
- Recording capabilities allow you to teach spelling and reading foundations.
- Game allows kids to practice learning.

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