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About XMind: Mind Map

XMind is a popular mind mapping tool that according to its homepage “designed to generate ideas and inspire creativity”. The thing that makes XMind unique is its beautifully designed brain map templates.

XMind: Mind Map Review

If you’re a design savvy, then XMind is definitely a go-to app for you. And let me tell you, it’s the only tool in my test that offers two flagship products- XMind Zen and XMind 8Pro.

The first one is subscription based while the later one comes with an one-off fee. So, you get both the options.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of XMind to see if it worth your money.

XMind Pros

#1 Collaborate with individuals and team

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using XMind Zen or XMind 8Pro, you can easily create brain maps and share them with your friends, colleagues or with your whole team.

XMind share and collaborate

#2 Beautifully designed brain map templates

Usually, brain maps look like ordinary diagrams but XMind tries to change this perception. It has a vast collection of stylish looking templates that you can use on the go.

XMind stylish templates

#3 Easy export and share

XMind makes it easy for you to export your brain maps and share it with other people. You can export your maps in XXX file formats.

#4 Works with all the devices

If you’re like me who likes dumping ideas on different devices than you’ll love this tool. It works smoothly on all the prominent devices like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

#5 Cheapest software in the lot

XMind is the cheapest paid software in the lot. It’s pricing plan starts from as low as $1/month but the only catch is, with that price point, you can use the software only on mobile devices.

XMind Cons

#1 Limited number of devices with a single license

Unlike MindMeister, XMind is not so flexible with its software licensing policy. A single user license can be used only on two computers and three mobile devices. In short, you can get access to XMind only on five different devices using a single license.

#2 Limited number of integration tools

While all the other softwares in this test can be added at least with Microsoft Office, I couldn’t find any resource that says XMind Integrates with Microsoft Office or Google Apps.

You can only use Evernote and Trello with XMind.

#3 Sluggish customer support

It is the only tool that performed poorly in the customer support section. First of all, it doesn’t have any form that you usually find in a support page. It requires you to send an email to them. And even if you send one, don’t expect to get a response within the first 24-36 hour.

XMind Pricing Plans

As I mentioned earlier, XMind sells two flagship products – XMind Zen, which is subscription-based and XMind 8Pro that comes with a one-time price tag.

There are three different plans of XMind Zen:

Desktop — $4.58/month when paid yearly or half-yearly

Desktop + Mobile — $4.99/month when you pay annually or every six month

Mobile — $1.24/month when you pay annually or half-yearly

Xmind pricing

Besides this, if you’re a student or teacher then you can avail special discount from XMind and get their Desktop+Mobile XMind Zen in $34.99/year or $24.99/6 months. But keep in mind, this offer is only not applicable on other pricing plans.

XMind educational pricing

While XMind Zen asks for a monthly subscription, you can buy XMind 8Pro with an one-time payment of $129 and also a 30-day money back guarantee.

Teachers and students get a discount price of $59 and for non-profit organizations, the price is $64.5.

Do I Recommend XMind?

If you’re someone who wants to give a stylish touch to your regular mind maps, then XMind is an ideal choice for you. It’s well under budget, packed with essential features, and provides several awesome looking brain maps templates.

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