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About Xeropan: Learn languages

Xeropan supports learners as they develop additional language skills, which, at the moment, includes English and German.  It is suitable for language learning beginners or those who have already built up some proficiency.  

All of the Xeropan content is available through its mobile apps on iOS and Android or its web app.  After a free trial, students can continue with a subscription or access a limited service for free.

Teachers have the option of managing a class of students using Xeropan Classroom.

Xeropan: Learn languages Review

What is Xeropan app?

Xeropan is an app for helping students learn English and German whether they are beginners or already proficient. As well as formal language, learners will pick up phrases common in real life through pop culture material and well-designed exercises.

Unusually for a language learning app aimed at a general audience, Xeropan uses a fictional narrative to motivate learners along their pathway, driven by a character called Professor Max. Learners collect stars to propel themselves through history.

The app is full of varied content, question types and activities that allow students to follow a flexible pathway through the app. Artificial intelligence bots and speech recognition help students practice language skills that usually require another person with equal proficiency in the target language.

What we love about Xeropan

Learning languages is difficult, and learners of English and German are typically doing so alongside other studies rather than as the focus of their education. We are always pleased to see when apps like Xeropan take measures to motivate students to learn alongside their focus on teaching and testing.

The platform's gamified approach wisely avoids trying to bolt on gameplay but effectively uses other gamified tools. Xeropan invites frequent use with these tools and its on-screen clarity, even on small screens.

It is great to see that Xeropan keeps up with modern technology by including speech recognition. Whereas in the past, students could develop mispronunciation habits that were difficult to correct, having the app check their spoken words for accuracy should reduce the risk of this.

However, pronunciation is difficult, especially for those approaching English and German from native languages that use different sounds. Fortunately, Xeropan does not prevent students from moving on if their spoken words are not perfect; instead, it encourages them to try again in the future. Deferring the word is a far less demotivating method than blocking progress would be.

The use of a conversation bot further leverages modern technology. Students can engage in a conversation with the app's bot that provides a reasonably realistic reflection of real-life situations. The conversation with the bot does not feel like it is on rails as it copes well when students use various words to respond—it even correctly recognises common slang words.

What skills does it improve?

Xeropan has traditionally been an app for learners of English as an additional language, but it has recently added German to the target language options.

What age is it appropriate for?

Xeropan app is for learners at any stage of developing English and German language skills. The app uses gamification elements and has a stylised graphical look, but children are not its primary audience. This does not mean kids could not use, enjoy, or learn from Xeropan, but you should first use its free trial. Make sure that kids respond to its methods and motivations using the trial before committing to a subscription.

Is Xeropan easy to use?

Learners of English and German can choose one of 17 languages for controlling the app and navigating through its screens. As users develop, it makes sense for them to switch the app fully to their target language, but in the meantime, using their native language in the interface will make things easier.

The app uses a familiar layout with the app's functions broken into discrete sections selected by icons running across the bottom. Everything is clear and readable.  

How will students benefit?

Xeropan uses motivational elements inspired by games. It gives students tools to see their star ratings and scores across various language learning aspects. Achievements, like learning streaks, motivate learners to engage with the app frequently, and notifications give regular prompts.

Weekly contests give competitive students opportunities to pit their learning accomplishments against other players worldwide. Learners can also challenge their real-world friends and contacts in the app if they are old enough for you to allow them this choice.

The source material exposes learners to their target language in various ways, including text, audio, and video. The question types for demonstrating understanding and practising English and German take different forms to provide meaningful practice related to real-world situations. They include anagrams, multiple-choice questions, and speech recognition.

Students should not struggle to find a device to practice with Xeropan. It is compatible with mobile devices and any other device with a reasonably modern browser. They can also choose which aspects of the language they wish to learn depending on their location. For example, they can select text-based topics on public transport while they can choose a topic with spoken answers at home.

How will teachers benefit?

Xeropan users can link their account to a teacher by entering their teacher's class code. Teachers use the web-based Xeropan Classroom to customise their students' learning and adapt it to match the teachers' goals. Any teacher who has used other learning management software will find Xeropan Classroom easy to use with all of their required tools.

Xeropan Classroom provides valuable feedback about students' progress that teachers can use to support or direct their lessons. As well as rating students across vocabulary, speaking, listening, writing, and reading, the student app maintains a list of 'weak words'. Students know they need to practise these words until they are no longer weak, but teachers can build them into lessons and use them more in learning exercises.

How will parents benefit?

Teachers who use Xeropan Classroom have a convenient download-to-pdf function to keep parents informed about their kids' progress. Parents who receive the summary pdf have a clear snapshot of their children's current level and rate of progress.

Parents who might not have the language knowledge to help their kids won't have to worry that their kids are unsupported as they complete their homework. Xeropan acts as a tutor and a sympathetic assessor of students' understanding.

What can Xeropan improve on?

Questions that ask students to match expressions to images requires them to remember which image accompanied the phrase in the preluding slides. When a picture could work with more than one statement, it becomes more like a memory test than language association practice.

The recorded material for students to listen to is clear but not quite of studio quality. Slight reverb and background hiss accompany the spoken words and are especially noticeable when using earphones, as most users are likely to do.

Using third-party sign-in is undoubtedly a more popular method of creating accounts now, but there are still those who prefer to use their email address. There is no option to do this, so you must be prepared to use a Google, Apple, or FaceBook account-based profile.

The Professor Max/time travel narrative feels somewhat under-implemented, which could make you wonder if it is necessary at all. You could use the app and not even realise that it exists. So, while it does not do the app any harm, it doesn't seem to add to it either.

How much does Xeropan cost?

You can download the Xeropan app for free and activate a fully functional free trial. Once it is over, you can still access the app, browse its contents and even use the learning material with restrictions. The free version only allows for five minutes of practice per day, displays advertisements, and does not have all lessons and question types.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

Xeropan subscriptions are available through the app using your device's app store or the Xeropan website. Different options provide a balance between flexibility and value.

Xeropan Classroom provides all of the features teachers expect and is free to use. To get all of the benefits of Xeropan Classroom, teachers need to buy at least one Pro license for a student, which they can do with their dashboard tools.

Is Xeropan safe to use?

Xeropan displays adverts in the free version but not in the pro trial or full pro versions. 

Students can use Xeropan without creating a profile on the service, but their data will be vulnerable to being lost. Should students without a profile lose their device or delete the app, they would also lose their progress.

Xeropan encourages students to share their achievements using social networks, Facebook and Instagram. As these typically have a minimum age requirement of 13+, they will not be suitable options for younger users.  

The app also offers learners the chance to compete with friends and contacts using their device's contact list and social media. Parents may wish to monitor the use of this feature.

Parents and teachers of younger kids would likely prefer an option to disable and hide all social functionality.

Overall rating of the app

In this review of Xeropan, we can assure you that the app is well made and easy to use. We can confirm that the teaching and learning material is varied, engaging, and effective. We can't say if its language teaching methodology matches your preference, but you can easily test this with its free trial.

Xeropan is under active development, reassuring subscribers that the app will continue to provide good value. The developer promises to add two further languages in 2022. Xeropan Classroom also promises that it will soon be accessible through downloadable apps. 

Xeropan is a five-star app that you should try out using its free trial. If it matches your learning or teaching style, you won't be disappointed by what it offers.

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