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Wunderlist - To-do & Task List

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About Wunderlist - To-do & Task List

Wunderlist is a handy task manager with a fun and simple interface. This app is great for work, home and play. Users will accomplish more during the day by using Wunderlist to organize tasks, create lists, set goals, save notes, share lists and more.

Wunderlist - To-do & Task List Review

Load Wunderlist on all your devices and sync data across all of your devices. Never lose or forget a task with Wunderlist's due dates, reminders and notifications. And, if all that is not enough, email your tasks or print them and post them nearby. With its sleek, hip interface, Wunderlist is popular among teens and college students. Wunderlist is the perfect app for users who wants to stay organized and get more done.

Wunderlist is easy to set up and use. After users create an account, the to-do list app opens the default list called the Inbox. This is where users can start adding their tasks by simply following the on-screen Help. We were able to set up tasks for a couple of days in just minutes. When creating a task, users can use the built-in calendar to choose a date.

We introduced and observed the Wunderlist app with high school and college students. One of the high school students who trialed the app is a strong-willed, 16-year old male who struggles with task management and previously refused to even try an organization app. After some persuasion, he downloaded the app and set it up with class assignments, due dates and reminders. After using the app for 6 weeks, it was noted that the young man was doing a much better job at completing assignments and turning them in on time. He mentioned that he really liked how convenient and easy-to-use the app is. And, his favorite features are being able to prioritize tasks by simply clicking on the star and clearing tasks by clicking on the checkbox. Using the app made him feel less stressed and overwhelmed in his academic life.

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