Writing Wizard - Kids Learn to Write Letters, Alphabet & Words

Price: iPhone/iPad - Paid

Teacher Overview

Writing Wizard - Kids Learn to Write Letters from L’Escapadou is designed to help children learn how to trace letters and number. The app also includes some letter naming and phonetic sounds. The app allows the children to learn how to write in smaller and longer forms. 

Teacher Review

Typically developing learners and those who struggle with fine motor, handwriting and dysgraphia will benefit greatly from this app.To keep the kids engaging, Writing Wizard app includes amazing interactive graphics like stars, tiger faces, fun stickers and along with sound effects. The app also ses some clearly identifiable letters to communicate meaning, representing some sounds clearly and in sequence.

For Parents

Tracing History will provide detailed reports to parents on how kids are progressing and where their kids are struggling and whether the current difficulty level suits them or not. These reports can be exported and sent in an email. Parents can print worksheets for kids to practice with a pencil and paper out of the app.

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From the Developer

Writing Wizard is designed to help every child learn how to trace letters, numbers and words through a fun system carefully designed to maintain motivation.


  • Show and enforce how to trace letters correctly
  • UK Font included
  • Fun tracing using 50+ animated stickers, sound effects and interactive games that animate letters at the end of tracing
  • Uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers and words
  • Ability to create your own word lists (and record audio for each word)
  • 5 Fonts available
  • Fully customizable to suit every child’s needs (letter size, difficulty,...)
  • Check progress thanks to reports that display what the child has traced
  • Shapes tracing activity for toddlers
  • Create PDF Worksheets and print them to help your child to write on paper
  • 160K+ units sold (27K to schools) !


Kids want to have fun, and Writing Wizard offers a lot of fun to keep them motivated in the learning process !

  • They can trace using 50+ animated stickers and sound effects
  • Once tracing is complete, they can interact with them on 4 games that animate letters
  • They can trace any word - like their name - and record their voice for each word
  • They can collect stars in 5-Stars play mode


  • Ability to create your own word lists (and record audio for each word)
  • Detailed reports provide information on what kids have done, including the ability to replay and export the tracings to view kids' progress
  • Share word lists via iCloud drive or other cloud providers, adhoc network, or email
  • Multiple parameters to customize the app according to the child’s current education level (e.g. letter size, difficulty, show/hide model, allow to stop between key points, etc.)
  • 3 most popular fonts in the US (ZB, DN & HWT) and 2 international font (UK & Scandinavia)
  • Upper and lower case letters, numbers (and word lists)
  • Letter names and letter sounds (which can be customized)
  • A customizable 5-Stars play mode prompting the child to trace a letter or a word 5 times using different parameters (each step is more challenging)
  • Create an unlimited number of users
  • Many settings to customize the app (sound, game time limit, black background,...)
  • In the A-Z section, special graphics available to match letters (e.g. ant graphic for A/a)
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