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Writing Numbers

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Writing Numbers is a colourful and simple-to-use app, which can help children with counting, number recognition and number formation. Children are presented with a number to trace, alongside visual representations of objects to support knowledge and understanding. 

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Developer Description

Writing Numbers is the latest edition of this very popular educational software series featuring Smudge the Spaniel. 

Children will love learning how to count objects and write numbers with this app. 

The number freeze at the bottom teaches the order of each number from 0 to 10. 
Children select and draw around large-sized numbers while counting Smudge's favourite things. 

Animated playback of how each of the numbers were drawn by the child is available. 

The bin button allows them to erase and restart as many times as they want.  

Should they just want to doodle and be creative, that's fine too. No paper, crayons, or markers being wasted!  
The touchscreen interface of this app makes it a unique and effective learning tool for preschoolers or children who need special assistance. 

Full instructions developed by educational experts are provided. 



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