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Writing Magic Letters : Kids learn to write

  • iPad, iPhone
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  • age 2+

About Writing Magic Letters : Kids learn to write

This a fantastic app to get your children acquainted with letters, words and writing out the alphabet. It follows a world of make-believe where you the learner has a magic wand (his/her finger) which can cast “spells” or, in this case more literally, to actually spell. Your child will learn letters, vocabulary words and the idea of using a dictionary to organise letters and words. The app has received top marks from our reviewers and has achieved an EAS 5 Star rating and recommended status.

Teacher Review

The metaphor of the app of casting spells and actually practising spelling is wonderful to motivate children for playing the app. Our children loved the idea of “mastering spells” as they progressed through the app.
Letters, writing and words are learnt in threes and are not learnt in alphabetical order. This keeps the learning process fresh and easy to follow. The narrator teaches the learner how to write the letter using his/her “wand” (or finger). Then, the learner is asked to trace the letter in order to learn how to write each letter. If it is wrong, the app asks the learner to re-do it until it is correct.   Once each letter is learnt, it is included in the “Spell Book” which keeps a record of the words have been learnt.  The next step teaches a word that begins with the letter that has been learnt. Then the letter and the word are placed in the “Spell Book”.
Once the three letters and words have been completed, there follows a game set in the fairytale land. When you press the arrow pointing to each scene, one of the characters in the story will ask you to find an object from your “Spell Book”. This is a great feature because it means that children will need to think rationally about the meanings of the words and spellings that they have learnt and then find it in the book in order to complete the game.  The book has an average of three words per letter.
The app is also great for practicing reading skills as the narration is subtitled. If you take the sound away and leave your child to read he/she can practice his skills. However, if he/she is still learning how to write letters it is probable that he/she will not be ready to begin reading and following the instructions without your own help.
A nice feature about this app is that it saves your child’s progress so that he/she can pick up from where he left off. This is not so great in a multi-player household as you will have to keep refreshing the game however, this is not a tragedy.
We really enjoyed this app and think that it is a great addition for four and five year olds who are in the process of learning how to write and read. They will be enchanted by the magic in the story and will feel very motivated to continue playing, learning and casting “spells”!

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  • Writing Magic Letters : Kids learn to writeWriting Magic Letters : Kids learn to writeWriting Magic Letters : Kids learn to writeWriting Magic Letters : Kids learn to writeWriting Magic Letters : Kids learn to write


“I love Magic Letters, a great app with a terrific story line. I can't wait to use with kids at school!”
Libby Curran - USA Teacher of the year 2012, People Magazine

Learn to write the letters of the alphabet with Magic Letters. Explore a magical world where you learn to cast spells by writing the letters of the alphabet correctly. Use the spells you learn in your spell book to help you meet interesting characters and solve simple problems, all the time practicing your writing skills. The more you write each letter the more spells you master.

With over 70 problems to solve your child will have plenty of opportunity to practice writing while enjoying solving unique problems.

How to write the letters is explained and demonstrated for each letter to help your child learn to write the whole alphabet. The basic phonic sound of the letters has also been included to aid learning. The whole story and all guidance is spoken aloud so children don’t need to be able to read. The speech can be turned off allowing your child to practice their reading skills.

Some of the main features include:

•Demonstrations and lessons explaining how to write each of the 26 letters of the alphabet.
•18 Levels with over 70 unique problems allowing your child to learn and practice writing.
•Story and guidance is spoken aloud (can be turned off to practice reading skills).
•Listen to the sound of the letters as you learn them.
•Auto save; saves your child’s progress, allowing them to carry on from where they left off.
•Pick from multiple routes through the game making the order different each time you play.
•Note: children have to write the letters fairly accurately to proceed, but if they fail too often they are allowed to move on

Please send any support queries to and we will get back to you the same day.

Instructions for resetting the app:

Tap the settings button in the bottom left hand corner of the title screen to go to the settings screen.
Then tap on the tab showing the reset icon on the left hand side, and then tap the reset button.

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