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An interesting creative resource that teachers and kids will enjoy playing with.  The app has received an EAS Certification of 4 Stars.

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If you are looking for a resource that touches upon vocabulary and the basic concepts of nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs, this is for you.  The idea is that upon tapping the “Word Box” section, the user receives a corresponding word. Once all the words are displayed, the user can use it to create grammatically correct sentences and/or as inspiration to create a story.

The “Writer’s Hat” section contains words that encourage similar inspiration so that users can create their own stories. The caveat is that the words are separated into “who, what, when, where”. The idea is that children will learn to structure their sentences and ideas correctly.

On the downside, none of these concepts and learning objectives are explained. Furthermore, it is not possible to write-up your creation within the app and then share it with your peers or the teachers. Despite this, creative teachers will relish the “Settings” section as it is possible to edit the vocabulary in the back-end to create more difficult exercises that challenge pupils’ comprehension and spelling skills.

The great thing about the app is that it acts as an idea generator. Due to the random association of words, pupils can explore far-fetched ideas and develop their own creative writing as well as their sentence structure. 

The app can be used for serious learning but also play as there is a lot of opportunity for improvisation and comical ideas within the randomised word settings.

We would advise that the developers look into ways that can curtail the introduction of swear words into the app. At present, mischievous pupils can very easily go into the “Settings” section and add a few words to spice up the whole game. There are very simple ways of doing this. Other than that, the app is very nice and is good creative addition to “Creative Writing” and development of vocabulary in English lessons. 

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Writer's Hat is an ideas generator to inspire creative writing, oral literacy and imaginative thinking. Whilst aimed at classroom teachers and educators, it could easily be used for family fun, camp activities and party games.

Do your students need help generating ideas for creative story writing, storytelling and interesting sentence and paragraph construction? Then use the Magic Writer's Hat to generate ideas. Often students are asked to write a creative piece of work but are left scratching their heads for ideas. The Writer’s Hat app allows students to have four basic elements of their story selected randomly for them. They will be provided with an idea word for What, Where, Who and When to include in their story. Often it is a springboard of random words that can be all it takes to allow the mind to think creatively.

Not inspired by the options presented? Simple, just press again, or reset to start from scratch.

Use the random 'Word Box' for creative writing as well as other imaginary thinking activities and creative thinking tasks. The application randomly uses nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs to help students generate ideas. Use the words to help take learning to another level.

Creative teachers will develop many a great use for this app.

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