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About Write-on Video

Write on Video is a versatile and powerful video platform for creating a professional video in an efficient, fun and exciting way. The app is rich with features including pre-set aspects, stickers, captions, video editing, filters, voice recording and so much more. Write on Video app is free to download and is available for iOS for mobile devices, tablets and computers. Further advanced features for the application can be purchased via a subscription service. The application is suitable for ages 4 and above (according to the App Store) and is free from in-app adverts and in-app purchases.

Write-on Video Review

About Write on Video

Write on Video is a versatile and powerful video platform for creating a professional video in an efficient, fun and exciting way. The application is rich with features including pre-set outlines, stickers, captions, video editing, filters, voice recording and so much more. This application could support students who are interested in or following a creative pathway along with users who wish to experiment at home with video recording, editing and social media projects.

Users can use Write-on Video without an account, however, each account comes with 500MB Cloud Storage. Users can backup projects easily. Upon opening the application the user is shown the ‘Home’ dashboard screen.

This includes:
  • Access to Notifications and News in the top left.
  • Access to ‘Settings’ in the top right which features account details, contact us, storage options, app rating and sharing and the developer’s social media platforms.
  • Access to ‘Outline’ which includes Unboxing, Tutorials and Product reviews.
  • ‘My projects’ which includes the projects you have created.
  • The ‘+’ icon to start creating a new project and access to the Cloud Storage.
  • Choosing the ‘+’ icon starts the video-making process. Users can choose from the type of video they wish to create from an Unboxing video to a Tutorial video to a Product Review video.
Each video allows you to choose a template to support the platform you wish to distribute on. These include Original, 1:1 ratio for Instagram, 16:9 ratio for YouTube, 9:16 Portrait ratio, 4:3 ratio, 4:5 ratio, 3:4 ratio and 2:3 ratio. Besides the templates, teachers and students can create their own template depending on their needs.

Once an aspect ratio has been selected the user is shown the video creation and editing platform. A timeline of the video can be seen along with a number of key feature icons displayed at the bottom. Each video frame within the timeline is described as a ‘Pod’. These can be edited by selecting the ‘Pod’ and ‘Edit’ function. 

Adding media via the ‘Edit’ button couldn’t be easier. This can be done via the photo roll, camera recording, a cloud storage downloads or by accessing a particular file. Once your chosen media has been loaded it can be edited by cropping, adding a background, adding a filter, changing the speed, rotating and flipping. All of these can be confirmed by using the ‘tick’ icon, simple and intuitive. Once the media (Pod) has been added it can be changed further by using the features at the bottom on the main screen. These include adding comments, adding layers, adding text, adding stickers and adding music.

The ‘Layers’ feature is an excellent way to overlay text, stickers, music and recordings displayed in a stacked timeline. The ‘Stickers’ feature is great fun and offers a wide range of stickers to suit any occasion. These can be sized, timed, rotated, positioned and transitioned. Transitions can also be added between Pods.

Music can also be imported to support your media. Once again this can be imported, downloaded and edited.

Once your video has been created it can be shared using the ‘Export’ option in the top right. The ‘Storyboard’ feature breaks down the video into a storyboard hand out. This includes Pod duration, description and comments all of which can be shared as a PDF across multiple platforms.

The ‘Export-video’ option allows the user to export their video across multiple social media platforms and also allows the user to change the resolution and frame rate of the video.

All videos are archived on the main ‘Home’ screen under the ‘My projects’ section. Here they can be deleted, duplicated, renamed and directly exported.

The key competence of Write-on Video is on planning video outlines. Users can easily arrange the scenes (pods), add scene descriptions, add comments on the video timeline, and export storyboards. Write-on Video helps users become more efficient and organised in video production.

What skills does it improve?

The application can help with many skills including visual learning, graphics, presentation techniques, video-editing skills, social media skills, creative storytelling and storyboarding, critical and organised narration.

Is Write on Video app easy to use?

Absolutely! Video edited software can often be highly complex and difficult to navigate with limited results. Write-on Video enables the user to create professional, exciting and complex videos using an initiative user interface. Our users mastered the application relatively quickly with the support of the ‘help’ tutorials.

How will parents benefit?

Parents can take comfort in the fact that their child is using a child-friendly safe application. Once used a couple of times students can use the application unsupported.

How will teachers benefit?

Write-on Video could be used in a number of scenarios. With many subjects now reverting to recorded digital media and well as online portfolios Write-on Video is an excellent accompaniment. The application could be used for recording fields studies, team projects, Media and production, performing arts, drama, scientific experiments, practical subjects, creative Blogs, storytelling, storyboarding, interviews, voice-overs and much more. The application offers differentiation for those who wish to create a simple narrated video and those who wish to make a video using a variety of features. 

How will the user benefit?

It’s great fun! Our users benefitted from the tutorials and the easy to navigate user interface. Creating, editing and importing different types of media was easy to accomplish in a short space of time. Collaboration with other students is ideal for creative projects and the ability to import the schematic diagram of the scene and export it as a PDF for group discussion is a nice feature.

What we love about the Write on Video app

Write on Video is a wonderful, versatile application. We particularly liked:

  • The ability for the user to choose different screen size aspect ratios prior to video editing.
  • The instructions that sometimes appeared as prompts for the user to help guide them through the application.
  • The clean, intuitive layout which was very easy to navigate between functions.
  • The helpful tutorials which were an excellent resource for when our users were unsure of certain functions. 
  • The ‘Tick’ to confirm icon which helped guide our users through changes.
  • The vast array of features that the application offered.
  • How quick it was to create a professional, dynamic video within minutes.

What the Write on Video app could improve on

Write on Video is a very good application and there is a limited amount of improvements that can be made, however, we have suggested the following:

  • Our users would have liked to have seen pre-made examples of different types of finished video which could then be possibly imported and edited to suit their own design.
  • Our users did at times find the application a little confusing and they were often lost in the menu, however, this improved with practice.
  • When the video is played we would like to see it play through the layer’s timeline on the main menu rather than in the layers option.
  • The possibilities of changing the colours of imported stickers.

How much does Write on Video cost?

Write on Video Editor is free to download and is available for iOS for mobile devices, tablets and computers. Further advanced features for the application can be purchased via a subscription service.

Is the application Write on Video safe to use?

Yes. Although the application requires an account the software is extremely safe and user friendly.

Overall Rating of the application

By far one of the best video editing applications we have seen. Not only does it come with a user-friendly platform and a variety of features but it also provides support for the user throughout the process producing wonderful, professional videos in a short space of time. Write on Video comes highly recommended by The EducationalAppStore.com

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Android, iPad, iPhone




Cognitive Development
Critical Thinking
Engagement and Usability
Academic Relevance
Thinking & Reasoning
Tech Skills
Time and Task Management


In-App Purchases - Yes

In-App Advertising - No


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You can download Write-on Video on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Write-on Video app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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