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About World of Tales

An extensive collection of fairy tales to browse.

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The World of Tales app collects together a huge collection of fairy tales for use in academic situations, or simply to be read for pleasure. As the title suggests, this collection branches out beyond the well-known European classics to include tales from around the world, including contributions from many different cultures and geographic locations.

The first thing to note is that the app is fairly plain in its presentation. It uses the same graphic fairy motif for the menus and page borders, and otherwise uses simple text, book cover thumbnail images and pictures of some authors, with not much else by way of graphical or pictorial interest. Whilst this will not always be an issue for readers, there may be some resistance initially from children who are used to using all singing and dancing apps in their learning. If you delve into the stories however, and look past the basic interface, there is a very wide variety of material to pique your interest. The app developer has collected together a vast library of over 70 different books of tales, each of which could be read aloud to a younger child, or be given unsupervised to a more competent reader.

Navigation around the app is simple and well laid out. The first menu allows users to choose to find tales either by browsing collections of tales (presented as books with covers in the menu), by looking at the works of a particular author, or by selecting by geographical origin. Each of these would be useful in different situations, and if used in class could present a teacher with a choice of different contexts in which to approach the tales and lessons surrounding them. Within each of these categories, further information is given - either about the book in question, the author, or the country into which the tales are grouped. This extra information could tie in with work in different subject areas, such as geography or history, if this were relevant to a class or student. Although the app itself does not intrinsically provide much by way of lesson or activity structure, opportunities for a teacher are plentiful if they are prepared to plan a lesson or activity around the app. On top of this, beyond the classroom this app could be very useful in encouraging and providing diversity to young readers.

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Viktor Andonov

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“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”
― Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was no fool. But what made the folktale (fairy tale) so unique in Einstein's eyes? Folktales, for once, are a great way to help children with character development from an early age. They grow up to have a better understanding of right and wrong. Because, you see, folktales gives our kids the experience needed to go through life in a safe home environment.
Fairy tales can be very helpful with reading - another important part in children's development.
These books are also well suited for someone who studies English as a second language.

A note to parents:
Dear parents, please mind that the stories here are intended for children from different age groups. It is good to always have an idea of what your child is reading when you are not around. Furthermore, it is important to affirm the morals of these stories by talking with your kids about what is right and wrong, why, etc.

Over 70 books filled with adventures
Easy navigation
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