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World Map 2015

  • Android, iPhone
  • Paid
  • age 5+

About World Map 2015

Sometimes simple is best and as an educational tool for map discovery this is one of the best. The app is beautiful in presentation and can displayed in three different map options:

Detailed world map: This displays the countries, capitals, major road connections and cities.

Political world map - This displays the countries as colour coded icons with major cities and capitals only. Clearer and easier to understand than the previous map detail.

Physical World Map - This not only provides all of the above but also indicates oceans, rivers, mountain regions and other geographical features.

As a map tool for digital devices this is excellent!

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Android, iPhone



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  • World Map 2015World Map 2015World Map 2015World Map 2015World Map 2015World Map 2015World Map 2015World Map 2015World Map 2015


Includes 4 large World Maps:

Large Detailed World Map (Mercator Projection with Countries, US States, Canadian Provinces plus Ocean Floor Contours)

  • Political World Map
  • Physical World Map
  • World Time Zone Map


  • Full screen map display.
  • Up to date world maps.
  • Large, high quality maps.
  • Easy map switching. Touch the top left corner of the screen to switch between maps.
  • OFFLINE! No internet connection is required. The maps are stored on your device.

This map is perfect for anyone who wants to learn geography. You can zoom in and study capitals, cities, oceans, islands, etc. Great tool to broaden your knowledge of our globe! I use the maps often for planning trips and locating remote places in the news. So great to have it at my fingertips. I love maps and this app is a great way to learn geography.

View the World Map conveniently on your device today!

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