World Historical Places

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Ages: 11-14
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From the Developer

Stroll through our glorious past with World Historical Places. Know all about 6000 different historical places located around the world. View the location with pictures of all the famous historical places on a map, visit that place and share your experiences with Travelogue. Plot your route on Google’s integrated world map. World Historical Places is a must have app in your device if you want to know about historical buildings, world history and historical events from classical, medieval and contemporary era.

With its handy features, you can get your answers with in no time. Here are a few:

1. Add Staple- The feature allows you to make your own category to staple the places that affected historical events.
2. Matchstix- It gives you a detailed view of the stapled places that are important from the perspective of world history.
3. Potpourri- It allows you to have a look over all the kind of Historical marvels, along with the information of the historical events that revolve around it within the selected city, in just one go.
4. Magic Drill- Allows you to directly select the kind of Historical marvel you want to know about
5. Travelogue- Traveled today in history? Now, Click pictures, make notes and cherish this experiences with Travelogue.
6. Icon guide- It acts as a guide for answering all your icon related queries.

Turn to World Historical Places to map out your Expedition today and to know about some unknown facts around your world history. Relive our history with World Historical Places.

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