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About Words Master

This is a game based app that encourages users to compete against themselves to get as high a score as is possible. Technically there is not limit to high a score that a user could get meaning that someone using the app could continually use it and keep improving on their best score. In fact, the write up on the website jokes that this app could potentially destroy your sleep patterns as you try to get the highest score possible!

Although at it's route this app is a game there are also a number of other benefits for users within it. The aim of the app is to create as many words, within the time limit given, that all must start with the letter given. Therefore scores can certainly depend on the first letters that are randomly selected by the app. In playing this game myself for a number of hours I certainly found that with some letters I was getting lower scores just because there seemed fewer words that I could think of that began with these letters. In this way the app clever aims to help it's users expand their vocabulary and thinking skills to get the highest possible score they can achieve.

Words Master Review

This is a game based app that encourages users to improve their vocabulary by continually trying to beat their top score each time they use the app. Although it is game based this does not mean that it doesn't have any academic relevance to it, in fact in my experience I have found that the game-based apps are the apps that seem to create the best results with students as they continually want to return to them again and again.

The developer's website explains the premise behind the app and how and why it is been created. The app was developed by a civil engineer who has a passion for games. As a gamer he found that he was able to communicate better through games and this has helped, along with his vast knowledge of games to create this app. One of the main aims that the developer states of the app is to expand the users vocabulary but to do it in such away that it doesn't feel like the user is doing it for the purpose of learning but instead in a fun and enjoyable way. This is certainly one of the main draws of the app in my opinion as users, including myself, continually want to challenge themselves to better their previous score.

The game play within the app, as well as the design and the sounds have all been cleverly designed to make sure that they add to the overall effect of the app rather than to detract from it, clearly the designers have played, as they agree on their website, a number of games to know what works and what doesn't. However as you would expect there is also the option to mute the sound and sound effects if you wish to and this can be done in the main menu. In this menu there is also the option to contact the developers should you wish but also to see an update on how well you have done on the app. At the bottom of the screen on this page you are able to see, on different dates, the number of words completed as well as the length of words. This is a good addition to the app as it means that users can track their progress to see how well they are doing. Potentially in a learning environment this could also be used to track how well students are doing.

Once a user enters the main game play in the app they are given a keyboard on screen with a couple of letters that must start each of the words that they need to create. There is also a time limit at the top of the screen which ticks down showing how long is left in each round. The user, within the time limit, must type in as many words, starting with those letters that they can think of. When the time runs out they are given the score and the number of words that they managed to get. Clicking on the 'next' icon they move straight into a new round with a new first few letters. There are a number of extras to help users within the app. These include things such as a freeze time, add extra time etc. Users start off with a number of these but extras can be purchased with in the app through buying coins. This is an extra addition to the game and the user doesn't have to purchase they if they do not wish to. It certainly doesn't detract from the game play if they do not purchase these extras.

Overall, this is a really well designed game that helps users to expand their vocab and encourages them to keep returning to the app again helping users to further their learning by continually wanting to challenge themselves and improve upon their previous top scores.  

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