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Words Ink. - Back to School

  • Android, iPad, iPhone
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  • age 7+

About Words Ink. - Back to School

Words ink - Back to school app is a fun word puzzle available on iOS and android. The App is an engaging word game that takes you through a number of different levels introducing different elements at each stage. The app tests the user by getting them to link letters together to create a word from the grid provided. The longer words will introduce new letter tile features and stunning graphics that really make this app a delight to play and highly addictive. The app is suitable for a range of age levels from key stage 3 to adult.

Teacher Review

Words ink - Back to school app is a fun word puzzle available on iOS and android. Upon opening the app the user is asked to ‘play’ standard or to ‘play’ via Facebook to compete with other friends. The suggested route of ‘play’ standard is the best option for students due to possible school restrictions. The app starts the user at Kindergarten level and progresses up to 7th grade however this has no reflection on the level difficulty which may be misleading.

The first level has a target of 600 which can be achieved by linking letters together to form words that score points. We like the in app instructions here that make the app very easy to use. Pressing the arrow in the bottom left gives you access to a control panel that enables you to remove the music and timer, gain further instructions and return to the home page. Three stars are awarded if the level is complete. A 5 letter word will generate a striped tile, a 6 letter word will generate a checked tile and a 7 letter word will generate a cross tile - each special tile will add to further scores and letter combinations. This is a great incentive in the app as most students will opt for simple 3 letter words to start with. Further levels will ask you to reach a score within a certain amount of word moves. The app does have in app purchases for coins and power tiles and can be linked to the game score centre within iOS, a function that schools and colleges will disable, this may become a problem if lives run out for the user after multiple use. The option to try other levels without unlocking the previous ones would be an added advantage as users may get frustrated with progression.

As the app progresses through the levels the word game gets much harder especially when reaching levels where a score needs to be achieved in a set time. It is clear that the app developers have spent a great deal of time on the layout of this app and have covered all aspects of interactive use. It goes without saying that the app is highly addictive. The educational value of the app is questionable as it is really flourishes as a game, however it does encourage the user to think quickly and find words all be it that the user needs to know how to spell the words in the first place.  We guess that challenge here is to develop word and word construction awareness, for this the app is excellent and does the tick the box of critical, communication and cognitive skills. The music and graphics of the app are vibrant and will appeal to users of all ages. The levels will create much competition within the classroom.

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Android, iPad, iPhone





Critical Thinking
Communication Skills


In-App Purchases - Yes

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Abhishek Malpani

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  • Words Ink. - Back to SchoolWords Ink. - Back to SchoolWords Ink. - Back to SchoolWords Ink. - Back to SchoolWords Ink. - Back to School


Welcome to the School of WORDS Ink. Swipe through letters to form words in this unique adventure at our school Words Ink. The Worlds most loved game is now in form of letters so give up on candies and try our alphabets.

Features :
● Amazing graphics that will leave you wanting for more
● Easy and fun to play, but a big challenge to master all the grades
● Items to unlock by completing grades
● Boosters to help with those challenging levels
● Seamless synchronization with Facebook

Please note: Words Ink. is completely free to play but some in-game items such as extra moves or lives will require payment

Happy Schooling at Words Ink.

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