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About WordReference.com Dictionaries

WordReference.com is a popular dictionary app of the world's most popular dictionary translation website. It has a simple layout and one can search the word by typing it into search bar to get the results. WordReference offers multilingual support, providing translations between English and several languages including Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Czech, Greek, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Arabic.

WordReference is available for free to download on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and Google Play Store for Android. It is also available as Chrome and Firefox extensions and as a Bookmarklet.

WordReference.com Dictionaries Review

What is WordReference?

WordReference is an online multilingual dictionary. It features everything you need to really get the meaning of a word, from definitions to examples of the word used in context to comments from users.

WordReference is one of the best websites for single-word translations. It uses a combination of its own dictionaries and Collins’, depending on the language, and relies on professional translations rather than machine-translations. It is one of the prime apps for translation.

Is WordReference available as a mobile app?

WordReference app is a mobile version of the popular website wordreference.com. WordReference is available for iPhone and Android. It features the same purple color scheme and offers a variety of features that make it a great tool for reading and writing. These features include grammatical and culturally-based explanations, as well as a handy verb conjugator.


  • Bilingual dictionaries in multiple languages
  • Language forums for user discussions
  • Verb conjugation tools for French, Spanish, Italian, and English
  • Grammar and usage guidance
  • WordReference English Synonyms with contextual usage


  • Incorporates reliable print dictionaries like Collins
  • Extensive user-generated insights for pragmatic language use
  • Over 1 million questions and 5 million answers in forums
  • Detailed grammatical and syntactic guidance
  • Supports various dialects and regional language variations


  • Limited verb conjugation to only four languages
  • Requires registration to participate in forums
  • Potential overwhelming information for beginners

What we like about it?

The strength of WordReference, from my perspective, lies primarily in two areas. Firstly, it's not just limited to its own dictionary services; it incorporates renowned and reliable print dictionaries like Collins. This integration allows users like me to compare definitions easily, offering a deeper understanding of terminology and language use.

Secondly, WordReference's Language Forums significantly stand out. These forums are a place where language learners, including myself, can ask questions about word usage, translation, synonyms, and receive assistance from native speakers and fellow learners. This aspect is particularly beneficial for grasping the nuances of a language.

With each word you look up, you will receive multiple examples of how to use it, nuances of each meaning, and a list of how to incorporate it into multiple phrases. The examples provided by WordReference are more practical and can be easily incorporated into daily conversations. All you need to do is select the language you're interested in and enter the word you're curious about. The results will display just as they do on the website. If these results don't fully satisfy your needs, you always have the option to explore the forum posts, where you can post your questions and engage with the community for further clarification.

The only concern is that you need an internet connection to look for the definitions. Hyperlinks for Merriam-Webster and dictionary.com are shown at the bottom if you need more definitions about the word. 

Final Review: WordReference

WordReference.com has achieved is the perfect integration of professionally produced, high quality content and user generated or crowd sourced content. It’s a powerful combination, and there is surely a lot to learn from this example.

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