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About WordDive: Learn languages

WordDive is a language learning application that promises a user to learn a new language just in three months by studying in 45-minute periods.

WordDive: Learn languages Review

What do we like about Word Dive?

Fast learning with WordDive is based on a recognised technique that utilises multiple senses at once. Every user receives individually customised instruction at their own pace.

What skills does it improve?

Fluent language abilities are what WordDive promises, and this is what many students strive for. If a student's target level is lower, Worddive can also be utilised to improve everyday language abilities.

Is Word Dive free?

WordDive is available for free to download on all Android and iOS devices.

Is Word Dive easy to use?

There are four options from which to select the user interface language of the application. Additionally, there are nearly 20 alternatives available for choosing the language of the instructions. Which language expressions and words have been translated into depends on the instruction language.

How will users benefit?

Ten languages are currently available for study on WordDive: American or British English, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Swedish, Japanese, Estonian, Russian, and Italian. The user must select a learning objective before beginning to learn a new language. This is influenced by the student's prior language knowledge and the eventual goals for which they will use the language. The language of a traveller and a businessperson are different. The user must establish a sincere objective. 

WordDive has simplified this process by asking the user or language student a few questions to identify an appropriate objective. The consumer has the option to change their goal at a later time. Short, thematically organised courses have been created for studying. Since one course may be completed quite quickly, learning is more compelling. There is no need to wait months to finish the first course and receive feedback because the student will see tangible development in just a few days.

The study of words and phrases forms the foundation of learning. The application shows a relevant image that has been translated into the instruction language for the student. The learner must select the appropriate translation from a range of possibilities into the learned language. As the lesson advances, the user must type the entire word by themselves rather than choosing an answer from a list of possibilities. 

The app reads aloud a phrase related to the term after the student has responded. Additionally, the user might be prompted to complete phrases with the correct form of any missing words. In this approach, grammar skills can be used while practising vocabulary in real-world contexts.

What can Word Dive improve on?

Unfortunately, the application does not provide a thorough explanation of grammar rules; instead, the learner must visit the WordDive grammar website or another external source to become familiar with them.

How much does Word Dive cost?

WordDive is available at the cost of $19.99.

Final thoughts

The WordDive learning process is enjoyable. The application's lovely visual design makes learning even more enjoyable. The same exercises are repeated over and over to help students build a more extensive vocabulary.

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