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Word Vault stores all the words you want to remember and helps you to internalize them. Mundane, exotic, functional, highfalutin: amass a cache of words you love.

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Have you ever looked up a word, only to forget its meaning later?

We learn fastest with frequent exposure to new words. Use Word Vault as your regular dictionary app, and it will remind you to come back and review the words you've looked up. Reviews are quick, fun, and let you get words out of your phone and into your brain.

Word Vault 2 is under development with lots of great improvements, and will be a free upgrade for existing users.

- Robust English Dictionary
- Vocabulary review system, with a configurable schedule
- Automatic tracking of the words you find trickiest
- Offline access, with most definitions available without an Internet connection
- Expanded dictionary available when online
- Customisation of your word list with Notes and Sources
- Example sentences
- VoiceOver support
- URL support, so you can look up words from other apps:

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Psst, Educators: You can purchase Word Vault for students, teachers and administrators at a 50 percent discount through Apple’s Volume Licensing Program!

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