Word Spark - Smart Training Game

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From the Developer

Free word game to exercise your brain! Find the hidden words in the grids! Easy to start, but increasingly difficult. This game even challenges the real word expert! Trust me! You are gonna love it!

How to play?
Swipe fingers up, down, left, right, diagonally, and even backwards among mixing letters!
30 amazing packs, 580 well-designed puzzles, more difficult than traditional Crosswords, Word Spark seems impossible to be completed. Wanna challenge yourself? Download it and pass the increasingly difficult levels now!


  • FREE word game for all ages
  • DAILY EXERCISE for brain training
  • FRESH graphics and friendly game interface
  • CREATE your own puzzle, share it with your friends to see who can solve it
  • CHALLENGE your brain! Expand the limitations of your puzzle solving skill among the mixing letters
  • FOLLOW the progress of your Facebook friends and compete with them in rankings


  • ALL LEVELS ARE SOLVABLE! If you get stuck, it’s not a bug. You may have swiped in a wrong order. Or you may have chosen an incorrect letter for a word. Please try to RESET the level or use HINTS to solve it!
  • Connect your Facebook account to have even more fun!
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