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Word Pile: Classic Literature

About Word Pile: Classic Literature

Do you know more about classic literature than your friends? Can you prove it?

Word Pile uses word cloud diagrams to represent classic literature. Do you know your classic works well enough to recognize them by their most common words and combinations? Try Word Pile.

Each Word Cloud was created by the online tool, Wordle. Wordle takes the text of a book and after removing common words like 'and' and 'the', it tallies how often each word occurs in the text. It then visualizes the text by displaying the most used words in the largest font. This creates a visual representation of the language use and topics of each book.

Word Pile allows you to go through each of 55 classic works and choose which book you think is represented by each image. If you think you have done a good job, you can share your score on the most popular social networks, like Twitter and Facebook. If you like the images, feel free to share them on Twitter and Facebook as well.

In most cases, the authors of Word Pile have removed some of the words that would make the title of the work obvious, such as words that actually appear in the titles themselves or the names of extremely well-known characters. For example, the word 'Hamlet' was removed from the Hamlet image in order to make it a little more fun and challenging to guess the title of the work.

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