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About Word of the Day - Learn Daily

WORD OF THE DAY is a word play app that aims to help users increase the range of vocabulary through introducing new words each day and offering quizzes to test the users knowledge on a range of words. The design of the app is incredible and very professional looking. There is no detracting from the learning in the app through either the sound or the visuals and the accessibility within the app really couldn’t be improved.

Word of the Day - Learn Daily Review

What is WORD OF THE DAY app?

WORD OF THE DAY is an app that contains a wide range of words with definitions, antonyms, synonyms and other ways to help the user improve and expand their vocab. Through the learning and quizzing of different words users are able to learn and retain not only the words themselves but also the meanings of these words.

The premise of the app is to allow users to work on extending and improving their vocab by focussing on a small number of new words each day. The app daily uploads these new words, which appear on the main screen when you use the app. They can be navigated back to from the menu which runs along the top of the screen. By clicking on each of the words a further definition is given along with the option to have the word read out so pronunciation can be exact and the words learned correctly. Users are also able to favourite words and these then appear in the ‘saved’ list, again accessible through the menu running along the top of the screen.

Alongside the learning of the words the user is also able to quiz themselves to see their knowledge of the words offered. The quiz has 10 questions in multiple option style, giving a definition and 4 options for the user to select. Scores are added up at the end giving the user a star rating out of 5 for their answers. In the quiz the user is able to go back over their answers to check on the words they got incorrect with the correct answer given.

At any point of the downloading the app the user is able to go back over the words that have previously been uploaded, alongside the new daily words that appear on the app too. The user is also able to view the previous quizzes to see the words that used in previous quizzes.

The is a freemium version of the app which contains ads but there are subscriptions that can be paid to make the app ad free at different price points.

What we love about Word of the Day

There are a number of really excellent aspects within the app however for me the two main things are the overall design of the app and the sheer volume of words that are available to learn. Every day new words are added and there is a new daily quiz, however users are able to go through all the previous words uploaded to the app to help them to learn these words too. There certainly seems to be a never ending list of words that can be learned!

What skills does it improve?

Word of the Day aims to improve and widen the users range of vocabulary but also their understanding and mastery of the English language. The app doesn’t just give a word for users to learn but it gives sentence examples, speech versions to aid pronunciation and also synonyms and antonyms to help learn even more. The developers also state that the app can be used to help users prepare for exams such SAT, GMAT, TOEFL and others.

What age is it appropriate for?

WORD OF THE DAY app I would suggest is aimed at users at the upper age range so around 14 plus. This is due to the fact that the user must already have a good vocab range that this app can build upon and they must be able to read to a high  level to get the most out the app in terms of being able to read the definitions of the words.

Is WORD OF THE DAY easy to use?

For the user the app is incredibly easy to use and access.

How will students benefit?

Students will benefit from being able to access an app that will build their range of vocabulary and also their understanding of a lots of high level words. It can also help them prepare for a number of exams such as SATs.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers will benefit from students working their way through the app and widening their vocab. With the app focussing its learning on small chunks on a daily basis teachers will know that for just a small amount of time a day users will be expanding their vocabulary and knowledge of the English language.

How will parents benefit?

There are many benefits for parents which are very similar to that of teachers. They will know that their child is taking a small amount of time a day (if used on a daily basis) to learn new words and to test themselves. They can also be involved by seeing how well they are doing in the tests and maybe suggested more learning based on any incorrect answers.

What WORD OF THE DAY can improve on?

There are very little things I can think of that would improve the app. However, one thing that I think I would find useful is being able to favourite a word from the quiz when the wrong answer is given. If the app were able to create a separate list of these words it would mean that the user could go back over these words to help to cement their understanding of them.

How much does WORD OF THE DAY cost?

WORD OF THE DAY is free to download and has a freemium version with ads. However it also has a range of subscription charges to allow access without ads too.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

Free version had ads and the paid for doesn’t. 

Is WORD OF THE DAY safe to use

WORD OF THE DAY website and app content is completely child-friendly and contains no content that could be considered in the website and appropriate or unsafe for children.

Overall rating of the website and app

WORD OF THE DAY website and app has received a 5 star EAS rating and this is due to the premise of the app and the learning within it.

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