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About Word-Juice

Word Juice is a simple-to-play yet addictive word puzzle game in which you connect letters in any direction to form hidden word matches.

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Word Juice offers tons of challenging word jumbles. You start off easy, but the difficulty increases as you go. Practice makes perfect with spelling words and Word Juice provides the opportunity for this in a much more fun way than revising from lists of words. Players must form words from a limited selection of letters, one of which must be used in all words. This is a timed and scored activity.

WordJuice gives you an array of letters to form a single word. Swiping your finger over the letter formation keeps the app interactive. Simple hints can be seen when you are struggling.  Unlike many other word games with similar features, WordJuice provides you only with the necessary letters to form the word. 

When you beat a level or come up with extra words that aren't part of the puzzle, you'll be rewarded with coins that can buy hints if you ever get stuck. You can buy hints with the coins that you will earn as you play, and also when you find extra words that do not fit on the squares. 

Additionally, we have at our fingertips the normal levels and also daily puzzles (all of them set to a nice soundtrack), to win more and more prizes. Some of them include cash rewards that can be redeemed through Amazon and PayPal.

Word Juice is available in many languages including German, Italian, Japanese and more, so it’s not limited to English speakers. This game really challenges your brain and vocabulary.

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Welcome to WordJuice. Your task is simple: squeeze as much juice from the oranges as you can in three minutes.

To squeeze juice from an orange, you have to create words! Each orange is divided into 8 segments (three vowels and five consonants) AND a central vowel. Tap the letters to make a word, then tap ‘GO’ to squeeze the orange and start juicing! Each word must be three or more letters long and MUST include the central vowel. The longer the word, the more juice you’ll make and if you use words with trickier letters, such as J, Q and Z, you’ll make even more juice! If you make a mistake, tap the ‘X’ button to delete, one letter at a time, or hold the ‘X’ button to clear the whole word.

After squeezing three or more words from an orange, you can ask for “FRESH FRUIT PLEASE”. You will be given a fresh orange with new letters. Only do this if you are running out of words to squeeze from your orange, as the multiplier will reset to zero! The more words you squeeze from a single orange, the more effectively the points multiplier works. Reach the top of the multiplier and start scoring BIG points!

Every time you “squeeze” a word you’ll light a part of the multiplier meter. Reach the top to start scoring BIG points! But be careful. If you end up asking for “FRESH FRUIT PLEASE” the multiplier will reset.

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