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Word Game SMART Vocab Builder

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About Word Game SMART Vocab Builder

An app that utilises game play to encourage young people to extend their vocab.

Teacher Review

This app aims to help extend the user's word knowledge whilst also helping them to understand the meaning of certain key terms such as antonyms, synonyms as well as compounding their knowledge of comprehension.
The app is set out in quite an easy way; however there is a small juxtaposition as the graphics and feel of the app go against the content. I would suggest that the app is aimed at slightly older students due to the difficulty of the words used and the clues given to help identify the words. However, the visuals in the app seem to be geared more towards the lower end of market. Outside of this though the gameplay is quite fun and should help encourage a competitive element in young people which in turn will help improve their linguistic abilities.
The app gives you a number of different options to choose from upon opening and these are aimed at giving the user a number of different ways to access the game with slightly different challenges for each. There are two main game play modes; ‘Solo’ and ‘Hands Free’ as well as two different challenge options available through ‘Game On’ and ‘Duel’. In ‘Solo’ you have the ability to challenge yourself and work through the levels which increase in difficulty as you move through. The difficulty element comes through giving you longer words as you progress and unlock the new levels. Within the game you can earn ‘Dracoins’ through getting words correct (placing the letters as they fall into the correct place at the bottom of the screen). The ‘Dracoins’ work in that you can purchase extra help through a number of different features at the bottom right of the screen. These can include showing you a sneak peak of all the words due to come up in that level to scrambling the letters again to aid the user. Although this seems very familiar to a number of different word play apps, the education element of this app sets it slightly apart from those other apps. Whilst in the game there are a number of clues on the top right hand side of the screen. These include what the words antonyms and synonyms might be, their words routes and whether they are nouns, verbs etc. This added element definitely gives this app an extra edge in terms of providing learning through its gameplay.
The ‘Hands Free’ option allows the user to watch the computer access the correct word, with the same options available to the user, but this is more of a ‘watch and learn’ and ‘try to guess whilst the computer does it’ option. This is quite a clever option as the user still gets all the educational value from the app but they can sit and watch too instead of playing it themselves. 
From the main option the user also has the option to play a duel or against another competitor. This competitive edge allows the user to test out their skills and abilities against someone else and will help users to stay engaged in the game for longer, which in turn will help them to improve their acumen in terms of word knowledge and their breadth of vocab.
From the main menu the user also has the option to take off the background music, the sound effects and find a little more out about the developer.
Overall this is a good app at helping young people to expand their vocab bank but also in understanding more about each of the words, i.e. their antonyms, synonyms and other important features of those words. However, there does seem to be a little contradiction in the difficulty of word choices and the age range that the design is aimed towards.
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  • Word Game SMART Vocab BuilderWord Game SMART Vocab BuilderWord Game SMART Vocab BuilderWord Game SMART Vocab BuilderWord Game SMART Vocab Builder


Do you love playing games? If yes, then Word Haul app is for you! Word haul is a Word Gaming App which contains thousands of unique and important words to learn. You can learn various difficult words in an easier way. Haul the Words in correct order and take more challenges.

Through this app you can learn important and useful words quickly. This Educational Game gives you various categories like Novice, Intern, Learner, Rookies etc. and chose any based on your expertise.

This gaming app is fun to play, once you will start playing this interesting game surely you will love it. Level by level you will find hard words to crack which makes the game more fascinating and knowledgeable. This Word Game not only helps you learn difficult and important words, it also helps you to remind those words easily. You can use various features for making words by playing this game.

1. Difficulty Level: The more you play, smarter you get and you can unlock more difficult levels.
2. Dracoins: Dracoins are an important part of this game. You can use premium features when in trouble and other important features. When you run out of Dracoins, go shopping in this app and get more.
3. EduBank: Edubank is one the of the most amazing feature of word haul. All those words which you attempted, correct or incorrect, they all will be stored here and get information like:
* Synonym
* Antonym
* Meaning
* Usage
* Phonetic
* Root
* Form
* Origin
* Era

4. Hints:
i) Premium Clue: This feature shows Synonym, Antonym, Phonetic, Root.
ii) Remove Row: Every word which you couldn’t crack, gets stacked up at the bottom. These stacked lines of word will not let you go a long way. Remove those rows with this feature.
iii) Reveal: Listen the word and crack it.
iv) Wild Card: Click on it and get the letter placed in correct position.



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