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About Word Farm Adventure

Word farm Adventure is a word game app that aims to help users develop their reading and particularly their spelling abilities. The app’s design is fantastic and looks and feels just like some of the best game apps available. From looking on the developer’s website it is clear to see that they understand their client base and also the reasons why their app works well in the market as well as the benefits of a word play app on literacy developments for children.

Users are able to extend their vocabulary and spelling abilities by working their way through a series of word games getting increasingly harder as the user progresses through the app. Alongside the actual word play game runs a story about trying to renovate a farm. Each level completed earns the user the ability to renovate the next part of the farm, whether it be a gate or fixing a piece of machinery. The more money a user earns from completing the levels, the more renovations they are able to make.

The actual game itself is based around the idea of crosswords. The user is given a circle of letters at the bottom of the screen (the number related to how far they have progressed through the app and so the difficulty). They then must look at the empty crossword grid at the top of the screen and then join the letters up at the bottom to make words that fill the crossword. When are words have been selected from the letters the level is complete. As mentioned, the difficulty level increase as users make their way through however, there is support within the app to help if it becomes too difficult.

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Word Farm Adventure Review

What is Word Farm Adventure?

Word Farm Adventure is an app that has been designed to help children practice and expand their abilities in a number of different literacy elements through playing a crossword based game. Users will find their spelling and reading abilities are developed as they progress through the app. Due to what the user is being asked to do there does need to be a certain level of ability that can be built upon rather than the app being used by those who are just learning to read and spell.

What we love about Word Farm Adventure

What I really like about Word Farm Adventure how much fun the app is to use and play. The game itself is a lot of fun to play but alongside the graphics and the story that runs throughout it is extremely engaging. There is enough gameplay to challenge the user and help them to improve their spelling and reading but the extra challenge is to complete the levels to progress the story. This engagement will mean that users will want to come back time and again to the app thus continuing to help them improve in the reading and spelling.

What skills does it improve?

Word Farm Adventure app allows users to develop their language and reading skills. As the game relies on users having to spell words its main focus is really on improving students’ spelling abilities. However, through the use of the app students’ comprehension abilities are potentially also improved.

What age is it appropriate for?

Word Farm Adventure is aimed at children who already have a certain level of ability when it comes to being able to read. I would therefore suggest that users over the age or 6 would be able to access the app and those around 8 would benefit the most from it. However, that doesn’t mean older students won’t be able to access it or get a lot from playing it.

Is Word Farm Adventure easy to use?

For both the learner and the parent the app is incredibly easy to use and access.

How will students benefit?

Children will benefit from having such a wide range of content that focussing on all the main areas on becoming more literate, a better reader and being able to know and use a wider range of vocabulary and being more confident in their spelling.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers can benefit from knowing that children will have this better understanding of reading, spelling etc. Teachers could set a certain amount of using the app to compliment any in lesson learning.

How will parents benefit?

Parents, especially if they encourage their child to use the app will be able to see them expanding and strengthening their ability when it comes to spelling and reading as well their children’s comprehension skills and their working memory.

What Word Farm Adventure can improve on?

There aren’t really any things that I could say that the app needs to improve upon and anything is really being a bit ‘not-picky’ however the one area that would really make this app excel would be to maybe have some sort of tracking and also for the developer to produce more apps of this type!

How much does Word Farm Adventure cost?

Word Farm Adventure free to download.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

The free version gives a limited amount of content in the app whereas the payment bundles allow access to more content on the app depending on the package chosen. The packages themselves also range in price.

Is Word Farm safe to use

Word Farm app content is completely child-friendly and contains no content that could be considered inappropriate or unsafe for children.

Overall rating of the app

Word Farm app has received a 5 star EAS rating and this is due to the premise of the site, the learning within it and how the site goes about teaching the users. I was very much impressed by all aspects of Word Farm.

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Download Word Farm Adventure

You can download Word Farm Adventure on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Word Farm Adventure app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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