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About Word Beach

Word Beach is a word puzzle game that will work the brains of adults and children alike as well as entertain them. Learn the spellings of new words, be reminded of the spellings of non-standard words, and see patterns in the use of letters.

Word Beach Review

What is Word Beach?

Word Beach is a spelling game that challenges players to find a set of words from the letters that make up a longer word. The words you are looking for are represented in the time-honoured fashion of a series of dashes. You move on to the next level when you have found all of the words. There are hundreds of levels and more are frequently added so the app will not be quickly exhausted. Each day there is also a daily challenge to complete which is set up a little differently in the format of a simple crossword.

What's it about?

As you might guess from its title, Word Beach has a tropical beach theme. Its bright and colourful graphics and exotic music conjure images of seaside paradises and its level names are taken from world-famous beach resorts.  The look and feel of the app are highly polished and the equal of any pure entertainment-based apps. It is just as fun as these apps but feels a less hollow experience because at least the player's knowledge and skill is tested and expanded as he/she plays.

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The built-in dictionary can make or break a game like this. While the words that a player needs to get are chosen by the app, other words that can be made using the same letters are still rewarded, so it could be frustrating if the app did not recognise a word entered that you know is correct.  Fortunately, the app's coverage is good.  We all know a few words that are little used, perhaps because they are archaic or are an alternative local spelling, and these may not be accepted but, in most cases, you'll have entered them half expecting them not to be recognised.

With just one or two words missing from a completed level, it is easy to think that the game is mistaken and that there are no more possible words.  The temptation to press the hint button grows and a typical outcome goes like this:

The temptation is given in to and the player is rewarded with the starting letter of the missing word. A momentary furrowed brow and then the player groans as the missing word becomes clear. The word was obvious, not even an uncommon word, but the tendency to look for common letter combinations sometimes makes us overlook the less common.

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This is one of the educational strengths of the game - it reminds players of less common spellings or, perhaps in showing them, corrects an existing misunderstanding of the correct spelling of a word. The game also rewards persistence.  Not giving in to the temptation to ask for a hint not only grants a greater sense of accomplishment it saves a few precious coins that form the in-game currency.

The game is free to play in the same manner as many other puzzle games. Instead of a download price, the app contains advertisements and its own currency that can be earned within the game but also purchased. An in-app purchase can remove the non-optional advertisements although players can still choose to watch an advertisement to earn in-game currency. Alternatively, the coins can be purchased in packs through an in-app purchase.

Each app user has their own opinion on apps that are paid for in this way and your own will influence how acceptable this is to you for your child's use.  Word Beach does not abuse its users' purchases.  Players have control over whether they spend coins on hints or not and, especially early in the game, there are many opportunities to earn free ones but children will need to exercise willpower to avoid using up their coins.

Many people, adults and children, enjoy colourful casual games that can be picked up and put down for short sessions. Most require little to no skill and engage the player by reward mechanisms alone. Word Beach occupies a similar niche to such apps but is lifted above them by requiring and building knowledge of words. Rather than have your child pass time meaninglessly matching shapes or filling grids with colours, you should consider Word Beach for the more educationally productive outcome of using it.

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Lovers of word puzzles and brain games will love the new game Word Beach! Unscramble the letters and test your brain to find all the hidden words in this exciting tropical adventure!

This isn’t just a relaxing tropical vacation. Your brain will be tested to find all the hidden words on your fruit plate. Your tasks will start out easy, but you’ll soon come across more challenging word puzzles! Scramble the letters around to make new combinations and complete the level.

Connect letters, test your brain and discover words in Word Beach!

Word Beach Features:

How to Play - Unscramble the Letters
- The letters will appear all mixed up on your fruit plate!
- Connect the letters to create words.
- Find all the words in the list to complete the level!
- Keep connecting letters until you find them all!

Challenging Word Puzzles
- Come back to challenge yourself daily and receive huge rewards!
- Stuck on a puzzle? Use your coins to ask for a hint!
- Worried about time? You shouldn’t be! None of the puzzles have time limits, so there’s no pressure.
- New puzzles are added all the time, so you can look forward to enjoying more puzzles in the future!

Discover Tons of Words
- Expand your vocabulary and rack your brain to find every hidden word.
- Scramble the letters for extra help and get a different angle.
- As you unscramble the letters, sometimes you’ll find secret words and earn bonuses!

Enjoy hours of fun with challenging word puzzles that test your brain! Search for all the hidden words and complete levels on this tropical vacation in Word Beach!

Download Word Beach now and see what words you can find!

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