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Woot Math app teaches the learner basic math concepts, including fractions. Topics are taught via engaging diagrams and pictures.
Woot math is the best online math support program I have used in the last 5 years. It supports teaching conceptual understanding of rational numbers with very little language. It is adaptable for individual students needs. Students can work at their own pace. The teacher dashboard gives me the data and information I need at my fingertips.
Woot Math supported conceptual understanding of rational numbers. It pushed each students' thinking for deep understanding. I love how it monitors based on student progress, adding a bonus question or giving more practice. My students found it fun, the mini lessons helping their learning. With other programs, I had to continuously encourage kids to get strayed. With Woot Math, they were self-directed and started on their own.

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Woot Math: A hands-on approach to teaching fractions and decimals for 3rd - 7th grade.

Woot Math is a researched-based math supplement designed to build genuine number sense and conceptual understanding of fractions and decimals. Fractions are hard. Woot Math makes it possible for students to truly master fractions – the most common barrier to algebra success.

Woot Math automatically generates and assesses thousands of standards-aligned problems to meet each student's personal needs. The application interleaves these problems with short, tailored instruction that provides genuine differentiated instruction that has been authored and carefully reviewed by master classroom teachers and leading math education researchers. And it works: with a grant from the National Science Foundation, Woot Math was able to demonstrate efficacy and that its adaptive capabilities had significant impacts on learning outcomes. Join us. Sign up today. Together we can close the gap.


  • Intuitive and interactive experience that students love
  • Highly engaging, hands-on digital manipulatives
  • Adaptive engine that generates and assess thousands of standards-aligned problems
  • Personalized, research-based, carefully constructed instruction
  • A rich teacher dashboard that provides detailed reports on student progress by topic or standard
  • All student work is captured and available for offline review, reports, and further differentiation
  • Supported on the iPad and Web platforms (laptops, netbooks, or desktops)
  • Designed to work well with school networks and wi-fi that are often overloaded
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