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First words with the Forest Animals: sounds,images & words in multiple languages

Learn first words with the forest animals in Wood Animals Sound Cards: sounds, images and words in multiple languages.

Wood Animals Sound Cards of EducAppy line by Wemotic is an application designed by psychologists, parents and experts for pre-school age children. Your children will have fun learning about animals of the forest through the clear and challenging game mechanism, with attractive graphics. The children will be accompanied by the friendly robot We-Mo and Ti-Ca.
Wood Animals Sound Cards includes 15 different animals that are part of a single habitat - squirrel, frog, wild boar, bear, raccoon, bird, deer, bat, skunks, hedgehogs, beaver, owl, snake, fox, wolf.

The animals are placed in the context in which they live to learn the concept of habitat each species belongs, the wood in this case.

Navigation is simple and designed exclusively for children, who may, at the touch of the animal:
- Learn the names of different animals;
- Listen to their voice, the grunt of the wild boar or the chirping of the bird;
- They can find out how the animals looks like in real life looking through selected photos;
- Listen to the names of animals in seven different languages thanks to the interface available in English, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Taiwanese - to familiarize with the different pronunciations.

The learning experience continues on http://www.appsandgamesforkids.com , from which you can download the cards available, print, paint, write the name of the animal and tape or stick them in his bedroom!

The proposed activities are the result of an educational objective shared among psychologists and educators with an extensive experience, and are designed to entertain children in preschool activities. At the same time the application supports the development of cognitive skills, logical thinking, language and communication, memory, concentration, creativity and knowledge of the environment.

The parents in all applications of the EducAppy line will always have:
- The ability to let their children listen to the different elements in different languages;
- A timer to set the duration of playing time, so that children will spend all the activities of daily living in a balanced manner.

Have fun!

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