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About Wonster Words Learning

Wonster Words is an app that students can definitely have fun with while they are learning. Wonster Words is entertaining for young children. The characters are all friendly-looking monsters, and they star in funny animations in the defining sentences and also in the stories. 

Wonster Words Learning Review

Wonster Words for Children is an amusing and entertaining way to help children practice reading and spelling words that review basic phonics skills such as word families, rhyming, consonant digraphs, and more. In fact, it is the sort of app that kids will be so busy being entertained by that they won't even realize they are actually learning at the same time. 

Kids can learn phonetic awareness as they manipulate letters and letter pairs. Exploring multiple words with a common sound can help kids identify and recognize the building blocks of language and reading. As they watch animations and listen to definitions of words they may never have heard before, kids can learn new words. Though requiring kids to place letters in the correct order and offering a few varied phonics activities would boost learning, Wonster Words - spelling with ABC and phonics by Puzzingo has features that many phonics-focused apps don't.

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