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About WonsCard

Promising 10,000 word cards featuring English language words and definitions, Wonscard offers a lot of content for students to use in their practise as they progress in learning a new language. It offers modes that suit revision and a few games to make learning less of a chore.

WonsCard Review

It is hard work to build up a broad vocabulary in a language.  Practise and revision must become daily activities.  Woncards is designed to assist these activities and help students secure their advancement as they learn English as a second language.

There are several modes in which the app can be used.  The Workbook mode is one of the most fully featured parts of the app.  Here, words are presented for students to browse and look at in more depth.  There are a useful set of toggles that will be helpful to teachers who are assisting students using this app.  The word itself, the definition, and the pronunciation guide can all be made visible or not.    The word can be pronounced clearly at the tap of an icon.  Discussion, revision, and practise sessions can all be enhanced using this section and its features

Also within workbook mode are some minigames where words need to be identified and typed out according to the learning cards presented.  These are quite simple and are really variations on the same theme and the gaming elements are more in the look than in the challenge.  If a student likes learning to be wrapped up in game-like presentation then they could be a fan, if not, they might find it too much of a distraction. 

There is an additional minigame in its own section called Dungeon (iOS version only).  It isn't clear why this is not part of the collection in Workbooks, but it is similar in its scope and implementation to those that are.

The design of the app is likely to be divisive.  Some people will love the vibrant and busy screens while others will find them cluttered and disjointed.  The graphics are in a variety of styles and, in some cases, are clearly meant for games within certain genres, but not this app.  They do their job, though, and the purpose of each activity is met through their use.  The one aspect of the design that impacts upon its usefulness is that when some of the cards are displayed in their smaller size, such as on the crossword activity, the varying fonts and contrast between them and the background colour can make them a little hard to read, even on a tablet.

The thing you will notice about the free version of the app is the advertisements that range from the almost perpetually present mini advertisement at the bottom of the screen to experience-hijacking, full-screen, loud-volume video advertisements that appear almost as often as you change screen.   This is not a criticism of the full app.  In this ad-supported form, it is a trial version, and you can indeed use it for that and upgrade if you see fit.  Look past the advertisements as you assess it for yourself to see whether it suits your needs as they can be removed.  The in-app purchase to add the full 10,000 words and remove the advertisements is very reasonable indeed.

 One of the reasons that the app needs a constant internet connection is that it does not store the extended content within it and needs to use a data connection to access it.  Nor, when it does access it, is the information exclusive to this app.  The user gets a choice of which publicly accessible website to use.  In all cases, it opens up this third-party website in a browser window within the app.

This does not have to be a problem, assuming you have an internet connection when you need it, but there is always the risk that these external sites alter their structure in a way that the app does not expect.  These sites are also freely usable by the public, so they contain their own advertisements too. For some users, they will see the benefits of this in that the app can pull in high-quality content from reputable sources.  Some people, however, feel that apps for which they pay should have bespoke content.

There is a really nice function that uses third-party content that will be useful to those practising reading English language content online.  Students can access any public website with Wonscard and use the app's features to look up words and collect them for future practice.  These can be stored for use in the future in the app's Library section.  Words can also be typed into the app to be looked up against the online dictionaries and stored for future reference.  

There is a way described in the app to collect these words into something called a zipbook for future practice.  This, however, is not particularly well explained and involves creating a json file or inputting words into a plain text file, uploading to a server and then downloading within the app.  If you know what this means, perhaps, you'll be fine with it, if not, this feature is likely to be of no use to you.  It is not a user-friendly implementation of this feature and it will exclude many people.  Teachers, however, may find it useful to invest the time into learning this method as it forms a convenient way of passing on new word lists for their students to learn and does not require managing individual student accounts.

Woncards is an app that feels a little overstretched.  It contains useful reference and word-browsing tools.  One or two of its games add variety and a spin on plain revision.   In this respect, it is a useful app.  However, rather than expanding into other games that don't seem to offer anything particularly different to the user, it would have been better to see a more usable way of creating the wordlist.  Instead of filling the app with all manner of animations and graphics it would have made a more cohesive experience to restrict it to a set style.  If an app wants to gamify learning, then it needs to be held to similar standards to games and their presentation is paramount.  

There are many useful features in Woncards and how easy the flaws are to overlook will vary from person to person.  Lucky then, that there is that trial version for you to take a good look at.  If it is the right app for you or your students, you can pay for the in-app purchase without any risk.

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Junwu Jiang

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