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About Wondershare EdrawMind

EdrawMind makes it easy to structure your thoughts and information in a way that makes it accessible to you and others using mind maps and related diagrams. It helps you enter your ideas, plans, and information in a structured format that can turn it into an elegant and informative visual. Students and teachers will find it a great way to plan, present, and organise their thoughts.

EdrawMind will work on any device, either through a downloadable native app or within the web browser. You can try the app in full with a free trial and continue with a subscription or lifetime purchase.

Wondershare EdrawMind Review

What is EdrawMind app?

Mind maps are organisational diagrams that many find reflect how their memoriesand thought patterns work. They are easy for anyone to read and understand.

You can create a mind map with pen and paper, but digital has advantages for storage, sharing and editing. Using a manual approach, you can force other nondedicated apps into creating mind maps. This approach will not be as efficient or convenient as dedicated software.

If you create a mind map in an art app, you can find yourself running out of space as you realise one of the threads is very detailed. Or you might feel the section needs reorganising into more than one group. Editing an existing mind map is a fiddly and challenging endeavour in general apps.

Creating mind maps

EdrawMind is mind map software that uses a hierarchical node-based approach that fits well with the creation of mind maps. You can type a list of points and drag the group to a node already defined with a title and format for a fully populated and aligned cluster to appear.

If you’ve already created your data in a hierarchical format of topics and sub-topics, you can import it into this app easily to enjoy the power it will give you over your presentation.

Editing mind maps

This app knows how your data points are connected, something a general-purpose app does not know. It keeps the connections and lets you try different ways of showing them without rebuilding the map. This editability is a big part of why EdrawMind makes it so easy to add, remove, and reposition different elements.

Rolling over different themes and layouts gives you a live demonstration of how your diagram will look if it adopts the selected option.

Presenting mind maps

The structure of your mind maps makes it possible for EdrawMind to assist you in turning it into an elegant and informative presentation. Once you’ve set it up, you can traverse the different sections of your diagrams as slides, drawing your audience’s attention to the key points. This feature would be a great way of showing students the course structure they are following.

The mind maps you create are easy to build in collaboration and share with others. Users of this app have access to cloud-based storage with DropBox integration, and they can export the diagrams as pdfs, images, and files for use in other software such as the Microsoft Office suite.

What we love about EdrawMind app.

Flexibility and support are the two key reasons we loved using EdrawMind. It supports you with clear tutorials, and its tools lend themselves well to getting the data you need into the app. Once that data is within the app and structured appropriately, the app is flexible about how you present it, and it rewards experimentation, which you can do non-destructively.

Mind maps share a similar intention to infographics to communicate information clearly and attractively. EdrawMind overlaps them further as it can turn your mind maps into high-quality infographic-style images, enhancing teacher lesson resources, kids’ projects, and school planning documents.

It is always the creator’s responsibility to ensure that the presentation and structure they choose for their data is suitable, but the app will make it easy to select the look. 

There are various diagram types, including bubble maps, fishbone diagrams, and radial maps. You can also add background images and extra visual flourishes if you choose.

Having so much control over how diagrams look is very useful as a teacher tool. You could have the same diagram in two different styles depending on the age group using it. An effective way to make a diagram feel less formal for young kids is to toggle on the hand-drawn mode. If you do this, you can choose from themes that make the diagram look less precise and rigid. For older kids or when producing planning documents for colleagues, the more formal look you get without a handdrawn theme will be more suitable.

Aside from this review, the first information you will obtain about this app is likely from its website. We mention the website because many apps don’t make their purpose and benefits as clear as they should. EdrawMind’s website does this very well.

Teachers don’t want to spend time working out what an app does and how it does it. A free trial is great, but it still takes time—time wasted if the app is unsuitable. To have a clear and animated website informing potential buyers whether it is worth them downloading it is a strong plus. Take a look at the site to see how creating mind maps from related groups takes a single click or how the app can help you present the information as a slide show.

The promises of the website were borne out during our review of EdrawMind. It has an elegant approach to building up diagrams which keep the information and the presentation separate, allowing you to reconfigure the look of the diagrams as you see fit.

What skills does it teach?

Mind maps are a tool for presenting information and organising your thoughts. As such EdrawMind does not teach skills or knowledge directly. Teachers can use it to make their administration and planning more efficient, while students will find it useful for revision and note-taking.

What age is it appropriate for?

Elementary and primary-aged kids are not the age groups at whom the app is aimed, but with support from teachers, they could begin to use the app to create diagrams and learn about presenting data.

Older students should have no problem learning to use the app, and teachers will find its toolset helpful in many of their professional responsibilities.

Is EdrawMind app easy to use?

The main challenge of learning to use EdrawMind is learning to work within its guidance. Its strength and flexibility come from it ensuring the user structures the diagram correctly as they add each element. This can feel restrictive and awkward at first, but it is what makes it so easy to work with the diagrams as they become more complex.

The supporting video tutorials are excellent. Each is focused, short, and accurately titled for what it shows. If you ever feel stuck, you should be able to find the task you need help to complete among them as a video of no more than a few minutes letting you get your answers and get back to work quickly.

EdrawMind supports new users with helpful templates and tutorials, but new users should expect to put some effort into learning to use it effectively. Starting with simple concepts is a good idea. From there, you can expand them into more complex structures with the app’s connectors and grouping options to maintain clarity.

How will students benefit?

Some students who struggle with specific aspects of literacy can find mind maps a more convenient, usable, and helpful way to record and access information. The short snippets of text typical of mind map entries are easier to read for students who struggle to extract meaning from large tracts.

Using colour or other visual indicators can help these students visualise how they should group the key points. The connecting lines show them the flow of information. Most people produce more coherent writing when they plan it first. Setting out their thoughts as a mind map will help students ensure they cover everything they need in a project or essay.

Kids often want to enhance their work using images and icons, but this can be a distraction that wastes their time as they look for the right picture. Taking images from the web also sits uneasily with what they learn about the digital ownership of assets on the web. EdrawMind comes with a substantial library of clip art that will help kids embellish their work with little loss of time.

How will parents benefit?

Parents might find that this app is useful and time-saving for their employment. If this is the case, it makes a good value tool to purchase as they and their kids use it for work and learning. It would also have the added advantage that parents who learn to use this app for work can support their kids as they use it for school.

How will teachers benefit?

Mind maps suit many tasks teachers complete daily for student support, planning, and curriculum design.

Long-term planning is easier when you have a well-structured overview of the themes, skills, and information that will make up the lessons. Mind maps are ideal for setting these out clearly, as they show where you’ll need to spend more time and where you can make more rapid progress.

Mind maps have many advantages for giving students supporting information. Many kids won’t read a block of text but will follow the paths of a mind map. Whether they are revising or reading around a subject, a mind map will help them navigate the details.

Taking notes in a staff meeting can be more efficient when produced as a mind map. The flexibility of the node-based approach lets you easily record essential points in the discussion and quickly reorganise them after. At this point, you’ll have something you can easily share with colleagues or save for future reference. The resulting mind map will be clear and easy to read for anyone.

What can EdrawMind app improve on?

As educationalists, we’d love to see a stripped-down beginner mode that would make the app less daunting for younger kids or those less confident with new technology. Somebody learning to appreciate mind maps and this software simultaneously might feel overwhelmed if they are not especially confident with technology.

We appreciate that the app is for a general audience rather than children, and most people who will choose a mind map app are likely to be fans of them already. As such, we do not see this as a flaw but as something that would be a good addition.

How much does EdrawMind app cost?

At the time of this review of EdrawMind, you can buy a lifetime license for the app or a yearly subscription. The price difference is such that we recommend you go for the lifetime option if you have tried the free trial and feel this app suits your needs. You might also want to consider the associated bundle, which includes other diagramming software produced by the same developer we have favourably reviewed elsewhere on this site.

The trial version of this app is available for permanent use. It has restricted features and the files it exports have watermarks embedded into them.

Is EdrawMind app safe to use?

If purchasing this app for a school, you should check on your school’s cloud-based storage and sharing requirements. EdrawMind states that SSL Encryption secures all of the information you store and transfer, so there should be no problems.

Overall rating of the app.

The word clarity is used often in this review of EdrawMind. It is a suitable word for the output of this app, the mind maps, and the way it works. After a little familiarisation, students and teachers should be able to produce diagrams that enhance their work and inform their planning. The process of using EdrawMind feels creative in a way that text-based note-taking and planning do not.

After a few experiments, the app’s interface seems to fall away and creating the mind maps becomes fluid and natural. Later editing of the diagrams does not feel like you are fighting against a fixed format. If you appreciate the elegance and utility of mind maps, you should try creating them using dedicated software, and EdrawMind is an excellent place to begin.

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