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Wonder Bunny Math School: 1st Grade

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About Wonder Bunny Math School: 1st Grade

Wonder Bunny is an app focussed on providing an opportunity for children to develop fluency and understanding of addition and subtraction.  Using a graphically rich style to portray a race between the in-game characters, the player must answer multiple choice questions to help Wonder Bunny get over the hurdles.  Each of the thirty levels slightly increases the difficulty of the maths and can be accessed individually in a practice mode.

Teacher Review

If a prize existed for most colourful app, award-winning kids learning games developer Fantastec and their maths app Wonder Bunny Math Race would certainly be a contender for it. The fantastical landscape through which you help Wonder Bunny in his race to defeat evil, in the guise of The Bunnisher and his mean henchmen (henchbunnies?), is dripping with colour and graphical charm.

Following Common Core learning standards, Wonder Bunny Math Race for 1st grade combines mathematics with fun gameplay. Plus, check out our top picks for first grade apps.

Players can customise their on screen rabbit's appearance to quite an extravagant level, with his or her fur possible to be a wide variety of colours and patterns. Some of the upgrades - like wacky vehicles - are locked but can be earned through success in the game.

The game takes the form of a race between Wonder Bunny and his opponents - a race detailed in glorious 3D graphics. The player does not directly control the long-eared hero but rather assists him at the hurdles by employing their maths skills.  Each jump is made up of three gates with numbers on them.  During the approach to the jump, maths questions flash up on the screen with an answer that corresponds to one of the gates.  There are a few valuable seconds between the question appearing and the player reaching the gate, which allows some thinking time before giving an answer.

It is always a balancing act in educational games between providing a challenge and yet not risking building an insurmountable wall that puts young children off. Rather nicely, Wonder Bunny addresses this by not making a wrong answer the end of the race or making it catastrophic in any way.  Instead Wonder Bunny backs up and gets ready to try again when a new answer is selected.  This does have an impact on the game. Get the answer wrong too often and you'll be overtaken by the competitors and unable to catch up, but a single error will not make the race an immediate loss. However, even if the player does catch-up after an error, the possible 3 stars for the level will probably not be achieved. This gives an incentive to not only move on through the maths, but also to go back and try for higher accuracy to get the levels perfect.

From the in-race look and feel to building the character's appearance, this app taps the appeal of children's computer games to make practising mathematics something that young children will want to do.  In essence, children are repeating a variety of foundation arithmetic questions but, as each one is dressed up in such an appealing way, it will be much more preferable to the worksheet which is the likely alternative.  The generation of these questions and the multiple levels means that over the course of the app children will engage with a huge amount of maths.  This maths is carefully chosen to reflect the curriculum that young children will follow at school, covering different operations and sizes of number, and each section can be directly linked to for when a specific level of numeracy needs to be practised.

As with worksheets, you can still get a view of children's progress as the app has a useful progress report that records engagement and success with the app. This is particularly good for parents but less so for teachers as the app assumes only a single player and so multiple users cannot be tracked this way. Teachers, however, will appreciate that each level, and so the difficulty of the maths, can be accessed in a training mode, which means they can be set as one off exercises specifically targeted at an individual's current ability.

With 30 levels across different cartoon scenes and maths of a slowly  increasing complexity, this is an app that will offer both entertainment and education.

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  • Wonder Bunny Math School: 1st GradeWonder Bunny Math School: 1st GradeWonder Bunny Math School: 1st GradeWonder Bunny Math School: 1st GradeWonder Bunny Math School: 1st Grade


Perfect math learning app for first graders! Wonder Bunny makes learning numbers and 1st grade math operations super fun and easy. On your marks - get set – play & learn NOW!

Brave little Wonder Bunny needs your help! The mean Bunnisher has stolen the carrots and wacky vehicles from the Wonder Village. Can you help Wonder Bunny to get them back on a race track? Wonder Bunny is fast, but there are surprises and challenges on the track. Join Wonder Bunny and his cute friends in a fun race for carrots and wacky vehicles!

Following Common Core learning standards, Wonder Bunny Math Race for 1st grade combines mathematics with fun gameplay. The game also provides a learning analytics tool to monitor child’s progress and learning – with detailed information of mastered math skills and skills to improve. See key features below.

Praised by the players & professionals:

-Perfect 5 star rating from Educational App Store (UK): EAS has awarded Wonder Bunny Math a perfect 5 star rating for excellent learning value

- Winner of e-learning competition eEemeli 2015 (Finland)

“My daughters love this game. They have given up Mindcraft to play it. This is the best game they have ever played.” (Mom, USA)

"Excellent math learning game. Wonder Bunny games combine top-notch graphics, fun gameplay and excellent learning value. Definitely one of the best learning games for children." (Teacher, Finland)

“This is a great game. My daughter loves it and enjoys the games. It has been able to improve her math while keeping it fun.” (Dad, USA)

”Our test player children love this colorful and cartoonish game. Wonder Bunnies cute looks and hilarious vehicles are appealing for kids. We parents appreciate progress analyzing and reporting features. Cute and very educational game.” (Viihdevintiöt kids blog)

“Let Bunny and his friends help your children practice math with cute, colorful, rabbity racing fun.” (Smart Apps for Kids)

"Different levels of difficulty make it fun for both younger and older kids.” (Real Mom Reviews)

-Customize your favorite Bunny and ride wacky vehicles like the Fast Rocket and Mighty Dragon
-Play in beautiful Candyland and magical Polar World race tracks
-30 visually impressive, colorful and cartoonish levels
-Thousands of math exercises
-Easy to play interface: all you need to do is to tap on the screen!
-Child-friendly and SAFE: No advertisements, no third-party links, no violence – just fun playing and learning.

-Designed by teachers
-Different math-learning tasks for 5-7 years old kids
-Thousands of math exercises following Common Core learning standards for 1st grade
-Helps kids to learn numbers, counting, addition and subtraction with numbers 0-100.
-Several operators with mixed questions
-Comprehensive learning and progress report with skill summary - including detailed information of mastered math skills and skills to improve
-Quick links for specific math subject helps teachers to link the game and their teaching
-Fun learning rewards like wacky vehicles and costumes
-Suitable for families as well as educational organisations (volume purchasing discount for schools)

About the developer:
Fantastec ltd. is an award-winning developer of kids’ educational games based in Finland. Our mission & passion is to boost kids’ happiness and create great value for parents with visually impressive and fun learning games. 

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