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About WhoKnew??

WhoKnew is an amusing and engaging app designed to deliver interesting and unusual facts, these facts are accompanied by excellent graphics and illustrations related to the facts that help the user remember the individual suggest for facts. Each fact is presented randomly and there are over four hundred of them. Each fact can be snapshot so that you can share them with your friends and family. Overall a good app when you consider this is the first launch of a budding programmer.

WhoKnew?? Review

Downloading the app is a very straightforward procedure and you are immediately drawn into the first fact, which appears to be randomly selected. The screen has a picture or illustrative background that generally relates to each fact, for example my first screen showed a picture of a seven lane running track winding off into the distant horizon with the text of “Humans can outrun nearly every other animal on the planet over long distances!”.

To the bottom of the screen is a rather large white button with blank text overlaid to blend in with the background picture with the words ‘See Next Fact’. To the top left of the screen is a standard menu icon. To the top right of the screen is again a standard sharing icon.

The menu icon reveals a menu which has a number of options. The “About WhoKnew” is a summary piece by the app developer about his reasons for developing the app a critique of other apps on the market and why he has developed his app to better them and finally a description of the process of developing the app using “Sketch” and then transferring this to XCode to code. The ‘Fact Sources’ icon reveals a useful set of web links out to some of the sites that the developer has used to collate the information. The ‘Invite Friends’ menu simple asks us to share the app with our friends. The ‘Other Apps’ is a link to the future and will be updated when the developer creates some new apps. The final menu option is a clever way of asking for a donation having used the app! I would suggest that we all contribute to this as an independent developers’ work is very tough and any encouragement is richly deserved!

Overall the application is a great start for a young and budding independent app developer. The concept behind the app is sound and having looked at this as a first step I am sure the developer will be encouraged to enhance a few of the foibles within this programme and enhance what is already a very creditable application.

Developing for the future based around this theme has legs and I am sure the developer is already thinking of specialising as an off shoot with some other applications based around the school curriculum, for example interesting geography or biology facts that relate to specific age ranges perhaps. As far as enhancing the app perhaps a quiz at the end which could be scored and loaded up to the games centre so that scores can be compared with other app users.

We are all in the education field and for someone of this particular age to produce a creditable app and sell it on the Apple Store is a major achievement and should be encouraged by us all in the profession. Download it now!

I look forward to an interesting set of new applications from this digital author.


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Cognitive Development
Critical Thinking
Communication Skills
Engagement and Usability
Collaboration Skills


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In-App Advertising - No


Christian Elam

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