Who's Hiding There?

Interactive Kids Book

Rating Who 5.0

  • Android, iPad, iPhone
  • Paid
  • age 2+
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About Who's Hiding There?

Who's Hiding There? is a delightful interactive storybook designed for young readers.  With its interactive elements and optional narrator, it is great for shared bedtimes and independent constructive entertainment. 

Who's Hiding There? Review

Every child should have access to a good collection of storybooks.  They entertain, educate, and inspire.  They form the basis of a lifelong love of learning and are the key to developing strong reading skills that will stand each child in good stead as they progress through their education.

In the past, children's books were only physical items and they remain both popular and useful today.  However, modern technology complements these with apps that mimic the storybook experience and add to it with sounds and animations.  Who's Hiding There?  is a great example of how a mobile device can not only replicate but even enhance the experience of learning to appreciate stories.  

The story in this app is of a length comparable to many other children's stories.  Remember, young children like short books as they use them in single activities rather than returning to a bookmark as an adult would.  Children also enjoy the familiarity of revisiting stories that they already know.  Who's Hiding There? feels just right in length for its target audience.

By having a narration that can be toggled on or off, the app is just as at home being used by a child playing alone as it is being shared with an older reader.  The app's narrator sounds cheerful and clear which is ideal for this type of app.  Children can enjoy the story whether there is an adult to aid them or not.

Who's Hiding There? is a great story for a parent and child to share, though.   As well as reading the text instead of the built-in narrator, parents can add to it by asking their child who they think is hiding and how they know.  Conversations like this will build children's vocabulary and reinforce understanding of descriptive words such as colours and ways to describe physical features.  

Whether enjoying the story alone or with a parent, children will be captivated by the beautiful artwork in this app.  It has a simple textured style that looks fantastic and is the equal of illustrations found in any physical children's book.  The animations of the characters add points of interest to each scene and reward children for their interactions with the app.

Who's Hiding There? is tightly focussed on the reader's experience and there is nothing to detract from it.  The user interface is subtle and minimal so as not to clutter the screen.  No advertisements are competing for attention or in-app purchases blocking the reader's way.  The app has no reliance on Wi-Fi after the initial purchase.  Children can enjoy it wherever they are.

The app's developer is responsive and keen to ensure this app is perfect for young readers.  This is evident in recent updates that have improved what was already a good app to make it excellent.  Who's Hiding There? is available at a single price that compares favourably to physical books of a similar quality and length and this makes it an app that you should  consider adding to your child's storybook collection whether it is for bedtime reading or daytime entertainment.

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Android, iPad, iPhone




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Kooma Studio Inc.

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