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About What's Next (Visual Prompts)

What's Next (Visual Prompts) is a visual scheduling application that can be used to explain what will happen next. It can also be used as an options or choices prompt screen.

What's Next (Visual Prompts) Review

A really useful application to use when working with young people on the autistic spectrum, What's next allows you to quickly create visual schedules that support the child through the lesson. Many with autism have a relative strength in and preference for processing visual information. Difficulties with auditory processing, particularly of language can create anxiety and unpredictability within a classroom environment. 'What's next' provides clear images enabling you to sequence upcoming events or tasks leading to reduction in anxieties. 
Upon opening the application, a menu containing an image library which you populate is displayed. The image library is sorted into folders which you can categorise to suit the user. Once you enter a category you can drag and drop the desired image to a sequence tray at the bottom of the screen. There are different ways in which you can present the images to the child; left to right by scrolling across or top to bottom. You can also show either a 'visual choice', a 'visual schedule', or 'visual schedule' with checklist (to indicate completion).
'Whats Next' is an excellent visual scheduling resource. Although simple in its design, the developers seem to understand the importance of being able to quickly create visual supports when working with young people on the autistic spectrum. The folders can contain a wealth of visual prompts that can be quickly accessed to suit all routines and activities. Well done.

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You can download What's Next (Visual Prompts) on your Android devices from the Google Play Store.

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What's Next is a communication tool for caregivers looking after a person with limited or no verbal communication skills. It can be used to explain to the person what will happen next (aka First-Then or a Visual Schedule), or ask the person what they want to do next (a simple choice or prompt). This is particularly useful in the case of some medical conditions (autism, Alzheimers, developmental delays, etc).

The app focuses on presenting either a schedule or a choice solely using images, with no distracting elements on screen (no tabs, navigation, ads, rewards, etc.). A recorded sound or prompt can be added to each image if desired, and text labels are shown so that the caregivers can use consistent words for the same image.

Key features

  • Can show either a 'visual choice', a 'visual schedule', or 'visual schedule' with checklist (to indicate completion)
  • Import your own images either straight from the camera or use any photos already on your device
  • Import multiple photos from other programs
  • Record voice snippets with each image and it can be played back while giving the visual choice or schedule
  • Save schedules for quick and easy access in the future
  • No advertisements or other distractions on-screen
  • Simple and responsive interface
  • Image library is editable in-app, or via file browser if required
  • Long refund policy, as we know it can take a while to see if an app like this works for your situation

The screenshots of the app show it on 4", 7" and 10" devices. We've tried to maintain a consistent layout and appearance on all devices so that you can easily transition between whichever device you have at hand. Whether you install the app on your phone or your tablet, you'll have the same user interface.

If the app is unsuitable for you, please apply for a refund. An app like this may take you a month to evaluate, and that's fine. Please don't leave a negative review just because it wasn't suitable.

If the app crashes, please contact us. We're working hard to fix any bugs. We have tested on Nexus phones, tablets, and other devices but the app may not work on ALL devices yet.