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Developer Description

With over one third more UK saltwater fish species than any other app on the market, What Fish UK is a must for any UK sea angler (whether fishing from the shore, a boat or even a kayak offering over 20 individual pieces of information on 166 UK fish species, covering both those commonly caught and those more elusive species that leave you and your fishing buddies scratching your heads as to their identification.

What makes What Fish UK unique is the ability to identify the catch initially by simply searching by fish shape. This quick and easy navigation is not afforded by kindred apps who’s knowledge of at least the fish family is required. Once you have identified your catch from the detailed illustrations and descriptions, or even if you are already aware of it, this app provides a wealth of information on each species, for example, the record boat and shore sizes, the minimum boat and shore sizes, whether the fish is edible and if so it even includes a recipe and cooking method should you choose to take your catch home!

Designed with anglers in mind, not only does What Fish UK offer a recognition aid, but also a hugely comprehensive fishing guide for each of the 166 species. This includes suggested baits and rigs for fishing from the shore, boat or kayak for each individual species, as well as your preys preferred territory whether that be over sandy or rocky ground, in the shallows or down to depths of over 100m. It even includes a map of the UK showing you the areas you are most likely to find your target fish.

So whether its fish verification you’re after or hints and tips on how to catch that elusive Undulate Ray from the shore or Specimen Gilthead Bream from the boat, What Fish UK will give you all the information you need at the touch of a button.


•Fish shape, description and illustration
•Fish name and scientific name
•Record shore and boat weights
•Minimum recommended shore and boat sizes
•Suggested shore, boat and kayak baits
•Suggested shore, boat and kayak rigs
•Description of preferred territory including a detailed map
•Recipe and cooking method for each edible species


★ “Pure genius!”
Will Harding - LRF Guru and Pro Staff member.

★ “I have known the inventors of this App for a long time now and I know that this is only the beginning of things to come for What Fish UK!
The Fish Recognition Gallery, Rigs and Baits sections are all under development as we speak.
I particularly like the Portsmouth Rig mentioned in the Shore Rigs section ;-) ”

Ian Golds – England International, Ian Golds Tackle.

★ “What Fish UK offers boat fishing rigs and bait suggestions for 166 fish so far and counting!
In our magazine 'Boat Fishing Monthly' we are passionate about supplying our readers with current and up to date rigs and bait suggestions to help them catch fish and we have found WFUK App to be a great portable source of reference on these subjects”

Dave Barham - Boat Fishing Monthly Magazine.

★ “I use What Fish UK App and I'm particularly impressed with the level of information on each fish species.
The legal size limits come in handy and it is always useful to have the current British Records to hand. ”

Julian Shambrook – England International, Anyfish Anywhere.

★ “I have been fishing for over 37 years of which 17 have been at an international level.
At the touch of a button the What Fish UK App will help you with useful information on all of rigs and baiting techniques that me and my fellow match anglers use on a regular basis.
The information on the App would have taken years to gather and I wish I had this to hand years ago!”

Malcolm Stote - England International, SAMF World Gold Medallist, World Championship Team Silver Medallist.

★“What a wonderful App! I was very impressed when I downloaded it and would recommend it to anybody that has an interest in Sea Fishing”

Chris Clark.
England International, Angling Journalist.

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