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What Can You See? - ColorCards

  • iPad, iPhone
  • Paid
  • age 2+

About What Can You See? - ColorCards

An app aimed at young people with speech and language difficulties that effectively engages and helps improve the verbal communication whilst also improving their vocabulary.

Teacher Review

This is a well thought out and developed app that successfully manages to meet the needs of young people with speech and language difficulties in helping them to learn to communicate and increase the vocabulary. In looking at the developer’s website they clearly have a lot of knowledge, experience and expertise in working in the special educational needs area. There are plenty of other resources they offer and I would be extremely confident as a user in their ability.

The main look of the app is very sleek and upon opening the app the user is welcomed to the home screen from which they have access to a number of different options. The main app of the app is to encourage discussion and questioning through a series of pictures. The pictures can be viewed in full or they can be viewed by starting with a small segment that increases in size when clicked in. There are multiple ways that a user can access this app, either individually, in a group or on a 1-2-1 basis. With the benefit of being able to ‘play the game’ of releasing a certain of the picture at a time the app might be able to be used in a more educational setting to encourage discussion. This is also where the benefit of being able to view the pictures in full can also help the conversational aspects of the app. However, a user may also decide to use this app on their own helping them to learn new words and extend their vocab.

As well as having the option to view the cards in both these ways from the home screen the user also has the option of accessing a couple of different menus. These include the profile of the user, a settings option and finally a user guide. The user guide is extremely well laid out and easy to understand giving detailed and helpful feedback on how to use the app and how to make the most out of all the features. I found it extremely well written and clear meaning any problems I had could easily be solved.

The profile section from the front page allows you to toggle between the different users that may be associated with the app. As this has a lot of potential to be used in an educational setting then it is extremely useful to be able to set up multiple users which can be selected depending on who is using the app.

This personalisation can be achieved through the settings tab on the main page. Again, like the user guide, this is very well laid out making it highly effective. From this menu the user has the option of changing and adapting the activities in the app, the student profiles, viewing reports for all the students associated with the app and communicating with and learning more about the developer. In the activity setup sub menu not only can the user change the look, colour and design of the app the also have the option to add/remove certain options such as the counter that appears on the screen or the animation. They can also turn off the audio and select whether they wish a report to be collated for the user. The reports section itself is one of the big winners in the app as it allows you to see the progress a student is making over a period of time. You can clearly see how well they have done in the game, the total time spent and the number of activities covered. You can then also delve deeper in finding out exactly how well the student did on each of the pictures and at which point they got it correct. This type of feedback is incredibly useful in understanding where the student is improving and where more work is needed.

There are a couple of small areas that I feel could be improved within the app including the pictures which have been chosen. They seem to be stock photos and stand at a slight juxtaposition to the sleekness and look of the rest of the app. This obviously doesn’t detract from the content of the app and its delivery which is not only sound but very well-conceived; however this would enhance it fully for me. Another small concern is the pricing structure linked to their also being only 30 images. As the app is so well designed and thought out I would like to have a larger number of pictures available to make it even more successful although with the ability to add a large number of users to the app this may also be where the pricing structure has been derived.

Overall though this an app I could see being heavily used in the SEND schools or SEND bases in mainstream schools as well as with parents whose children have speech and language difficulties.

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iPad, iPhone


Cognitive Development
Critical Thinking
Communication Skills
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  • What Can You See? - ColorCardsWhat Can You See? - ColorCardsWhat Can You See? - ColorCardsWhat Can You See? - ColorCardsWhat Can You See? - ColorCards


**Volume Purchase Program 50% off**

What Can You See? has 30 images, which have been tried and tested with children and adults who have speech difficulties. Personalize by creating and adding your own photos. Can you guess what the hidden picture is? Flip through each page revealing more of the image as you go. Fun and familiar images of objects, animals, and events, enable students to work on a range of skills including object recognition, naming, problem solving, inference, holistic thinking, narrative generation, and turn-taking.

What Can You See? is designed to support speech-language pathologists, speech-and-language therapists, educators, and home-based learning. Use one-on-one, with small groups, or in a classroom setting.

Personalize by taking your own photographs at home or at school to pre-teach the curriculum and target your students’ needs.

Use the reporting to track and measure progress. Share feedback at the school or with parents.

Record your students, play back, or download audio files to demonstrate and track progress.

• 30 tried-and-tested images
• Comprehensive reporting tool to monitor progress over time, including reviewing of auditory files for further analysis
• Download reports and share
• Create and add your own photos to personalize
• Use the built-in microphone to record audio, play back, and download
• Cool ColorCards animations make this app rewarding and motivating for all learners
• Use one-on-one, with small groups or in the classroom
• Fun, clear visual feedback
• Practical auditory support
• Progress wheel to help with monitoring
• Choose your mode of reveal for added variety and challenge

About ColorCards apps
Speechmark’s ColorCards apps are engaging and effective professional tools designed to help develop speech, language, and social skills. Our resources have been successfully supporting speech and language therapists and educators for over 30 years. ColorCards Apps– Get everybody talking!

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