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Whack A Bone

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Teacher Overview

We love this quick quirky interactive game for identifying bones within the human body suitable for 10 years of age and above. The game is based on the online game and has a simple layout and great pirate themed graphics. Although the voices and music will drive you mad after a while (you can turn it off) the game is highly addictive and will get your students perfecting the names of the human bones within minutes. It does become a little frustrating that you need to get every answer correct to move onto the next level however, this is great fun!

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Developer Description

Whack A Bone is the best way to learn the human skeletal system. The game is designed to draw beginners into the curious and fascinating world of anatomy, guiding them toward a commanding recall of the major bones of the human body.

Gameplay has been crafted to guarantee learning through pedagogically sound game design principles. First the skeleton is broken into three sections - arm, leg & core. Once these areas are mastered we the move onto an exciting and challenging time-trial with Harold the skeleton. Incentives include medals, worldwide leaderboard and ongoing encouragement from your crazy sidekick parrot.

Originally designed by Ben Crossett, a science and physical education teacher from Australia, Whack A Bone has been perfected in the classroom for over 10 years and played online by over a million players on Partnering up with award winning educational game developers, Media Saints, Whack A Bone has been re-envisioned and turbo charged for the iPad and Android tablets.

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