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For those of you who have not heard of Veggie Tales from television, the veggie gang are a collection of adorable anthropomorphic vegetables who sing very amusing silly songs, which are guaranteed to entertain young children- but also those young at heart. The app receives a 5 Star EAS Certification and EAS Recommended status. 

Teacher Review

“Silly Songs” is a find and seek game for children of ages 6 and below, even if your child is not at the level of being able to find and seek, they will still enjoy listening to the songs and watching the colourful characters progress through their story.

Upon first opening of the app, the user is asked to set their profile picture and to generate and choose an amusing nickname (ours was “Velvetfajita2”) or to enter their name manually. When in parent mode, which is distinguished by having to enter a numerical pass, parents can create accounts for each member of their family to use individually and view their children’s progress through the app. The container app then recommends other apps by the same developer so that the parent is able to choose and assign the apps that would benefit each member of their family. Another aspect of the app is a “Facebook style” wall on which users can post restricted default messages and emoticons to each other as well as their latest test results and achievements. The app does post recommended apps on the child’s wall too however, he/she would need to enter a numerical pass to access.

Once “play” mode the titles for each song are displayed with image illustrations on a carousel.  It took a while for us to figure out that there where more than 3 titles so perhaps the app could benefit from a visual clue such as an arrow to indicate that there is actually an extensive amount of content on this app. Initially it may be hard for children to understand the visual clues that indicate what it is that they they need to do. However, when the app is paused, the user can find an explanation menu which provides a competent explanation. Additionally, parents will be able to explain and support what needs doing. We think that this is an excellent progression tool to keep children’s minds attentive.

 “Silly Songs” was a fantastically entertaining app which received a lot of laughs from both the children and adults using the app. The songs will keep the whole family engaged and children will delight in finding the objects as the songs progress.  It is very engaging and fun to user in order to improve memory, recognition and motor-skills. For these reasons we have given the app our EAS 5 Star recommended status.

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  • Watch and Find - VeggieTales GamesWatch and Find - VeggieTales GamesWatch and Find - VeggieTales GamesWatch and Find - VeggieTales GamesWatch and Find - VeggieTales Games


An object recognition game with video clips direct from the official VeggieTales archives with older classics and sneak peeks at new releases.


“So fun. My 3yo liked watching but couldn't spot much. I just like having silly songs in my purse when I need 'em!!” --- Ohamanda (5 Stars)

“So adorable! My son, (who has autism) loves this app! He is a very big silly song fan! Please add more songs. He loves this. Thank you. :)” --- Roxy R (5 Stars)

“My son and daughter love this! They are begging to play it now.” --- The Tinnons (5 Stars)

"This is SO cool! We are a Veggie Tales household big time and I can definitely get excited about Free Veggie Tales stuff! We have raised all three kids on Veggie Tales and now I find it amusing that in this age of technology and mobile devices, Veggie Tales is now available for me to entertain my children with right from my EVO cell phone! Wow!" ---
Download Now and get FREE regular updates with even more silly fun!

Watch & Find: VeggieTales Games and Video Clips features fan-favorite VeggieTales® video clips, Silly Songs and gameplay. This game challenges old and young to find (or “spot”) things in the videos, and rewards them with new levels, new clips, and new lessons.

Children develop valuable skills, are taught important values and learn life's important lessons as they play this object recognition game using real clips from the #1 animated home video series in the US with moms of pre-schoolers.*

Learn important values in a way that’s fun for kids. All the game levels are built using actual VeggieTales cartoon movie clips, including the wildly popular Silly Songs.
Free game levels include:

+I Love my Lips
+Lend a Little Hand
+His Cheeseburger
+Little Lessons
+Happy Toothday

There are three different content packages that can be purchased inside the app, including:

"Adventure Pack"
+Supper Hero
+Robin Good
+The Nose Knows

"Silly Songs Pack"
+Bubble Wrap
+Sippy Cup
+Endangered Love
+Hairbrush Song
+Where Have All The Staplers Gone?

"Friends Pack"
+Penniless Princess
+Best Friends Forever
+Madame Blueberry
Watch & Find: VeggieTales Games and Video Clips is now part of the Fingerprint Network of games for learning and play. Fingerprint offers a range of features to support the whole family including:

-A shared family account makes it easy for kids and parents to share a device and allows parents to track the game play and learning of multiple children under a single account

-In-App messaging lets kids and parents send one another fun and encouraging messages

-A curated game catalog suggests new apps based on your child's interest and learning levels

-Parent controls keep in-app purchase behind a parent gate


Already loved by more than three generations, parents, grandparents and children, the app teaches strong, family values in a fun way—through great stories. It’s fun for the whole family.

Watch. Find. Be Silly!


This free app contains a limited number of in-app payments and advertisements.

*Spring 2012 Q-Score

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