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Wallet - Budget Tracker

  • Android, iPhone
  • Free
  • age 18+

About Wallet - Budget Tracker

Wallet is an app with a mission. It aims to help you bring your tumultuous financial situation under control as quickly as possible. Like many, it syncs your balance and transactions with your actual bank. It also features account sharing so you can share with your significant other, accountant, or whatever. It also supports multiple currencies, cloud syncing, warranty tracking, templates, shopping lists, and it can export to a variety of file types. It's all done up with a Material Design interface. It's worth a look at least. These money saving apps can save you big money - and help you learn about successful financial practices and habits in the process.

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Android, iPhone





Organisational and Productivity Skills


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  • Wallet - Budget TrackerWallet - Budget TrackerWallet - Budget TrackerWallet - Budget Tracker


Wallet Budget Tracker is the most comprehensive income and expenses tracker with reliable cloud synchronization, high safety and the unique option to manage your home finance (balance, cash flow, shopping lists, budgets, debts, warranties etc.) together with your partner or family. Access your data from your phone, tablet, Android Wear watch or computer.

Keep track of your personal finance simply and efficiently! Get your budget under control with Wallet now.


  • Multiple currencies support
  • Automatic bank integrations
  • Automatic cloud sync
  • Advanced record tracking
  • Spending tracker
  • Receipts and warranties
  • PIN security
  • Easy-to-use budgets
  • Categories and templates
  • Personalised category icons
  • Full range of payment types
  • Comprehensible charts and reports
  • Show records on map
  • Hashtags
  • Calculator
  • Exports/imports to/from CSV, XLS
  • Shopping lists
  • Financial summaries
  • Managing debts
  • Widgets (balance, OneClick widget)

✪ As many accounts as you want – control your transactions in more detail!
✪ Sharing accounts and lists with your partner or family
✪ Multi-license: In Premium Family or Couple, your family members or partner use Premium for free. Try out the Premium plan in a free 45-day trial!
✪ Standing orders & notifications
✪ PDF exports

Wallet Budget Tracker is your personal finance data evidence in your pocket. You can easily log all of your expenses and incomes, use the predefined categories or create your own, analyse your money flow and plan your shopping lists. With our couple or family plans, you can give the app to your closest ones who receive the premium version for free, and share your accounts and lists if you choose to. 

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