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About Word Memory Puzzle

Word Memory Puzzle is a challenging app based around puzzles utilising jumbled letters, word definitions and hidden tiles. The app has many levels and encourages players to progress using achievements and leaderboards.

This app is available on iOS and Android devices as a free download. The app includes advertisements which an in-app purchase can remove. Players can also aid their progress by buying consumable in-app items or watching advertisements to earn them. Words Memory Puzzle is for people over the age of 13.

Word Memory Puzzle Review

What is Word Memory Puzzle app?

Word Memory Puzzle is a puzzle app that combines word knowledge and memory skills to challenge its players. At the start of each round, players get a definition and see a partial selection of letters from the associated word.

The letters then fall into a position in one of the tile places below. The user has to remember where they are to add them to the puzzles. Once the letters are in place, the player scratches to reveal the partial word and then begins to find the letters.

This scratching is deceptively crucial to the game as it is a distraction that makes it more difficult to remember the location of the letters.

Incorrect guesses result in penalties, but there are also bonus items behind the other tiles, so players can guess wrong and still strike a lucky tile. 

What we love about Words Memory Puzzle app.

Words Memory Puzzle is an interesting mix of different puzzle mechanics not typically found in conjunction. Spelling words, knowing their definitions, and memory skills all play a part in the player’s success. 

This mix makes the game more substantial than most word games which often just use the letters as known sequences, and the word meanings are irrelevant. Leaderboards, achievements and score tables encourage players to keep going.

The rewards in the app lead to a unique feature for a puzzle app. Typically, in-app rewards lead to in-game items and cosmetic upgrades, which they do here too, but there is also a family-tree builder.

Players spend keys they earn in the game to unlock a new part of a family tree which they can populate with their ancestors and relatives. This is quite a simple genealogy tool and one whose value will vary from person to person, but its inclusion is an original approach.

We also liked that players who want an extra intensive puzzle-solving experience can enter the app’s Challenge Zone to earn more rewards. The catch is that the fallen letters now include an imposter, which makes working out the word and finding the correct letters’ locations much more difficult.

What skills does it teach?

Words Memory Puzzle is a word puzzle. While some word puzzles only concentrate on the arrangement of letters, W-M Puzzle also gives users definitions to help them work out the word. In this respect, it helps its player to build their usable vocabulary. 

What age is it appropriate for?

The app’s privacy policy states that the app should not be used by kids under 13. This limit is likely more concerning the app’s advertisements and consumable in-app purchases than its content.

How will students benefit?

Words Memory Puzzle uses many features kids expect from a computer game, such as a customisable play environment, achievements, and leaderboards. With the attractive gameplay, this app should be easier to encourage kids to use than other vocabulary-building apps.

How will parents benefit?

Parents often wish their teens would use their devices for more than just games and videos. As well as not being a constructive activity, entertainment apps can also be overstimulating for kids. Words Memory Puzzle offers a middle ground as kids can grow their vocabulary, develop their thinking skills, and calm down as they play.

How will teachers benefit?

Words Memory Puzzle is not ideal for classroom use as it is meant for a single user and tracks their progress. The presence of advertisements, including optional ones if you pay to remove them, is incompatible with what teachers want from their classroom apps.

How much does Words Memory Puzzle app cost?

Words Memory Puzzle is free to download and is very playable as it is. There is an in-app purchase to remove advertisements and further optional purchases for more items in the game. These are consumed as the player uses them rather than permanent upgrades.

If you pay to remove the advertisements, you can still choose to view some ads to earn in-game items without paying for them.

Is Words Memory Puzzle app safe to use?

When the user first opens this app, they see a permission request: to allow the app to track the user across other apps and websites. As the app explains, this is to provide users with a personalised ad experience by serving more relevant advertisements.

The free version’s advertisements are removable through an in-app purchase, but optional advertisements offering gameplay rewards remain.

What can Words Memory Puzzle app improve on?

Words Memory Puzzle is a relatively new app and still has a few presentational issues to resolve. At times different on-screen elements overlap, which can obscure information.

Words Memory Puzzle uses consumables to give users extra help during the games. These in-app purchases give you a fixed amount of bombs, spades and gems, giving you hints or assistance to complete the current level. Players can also earn them by voluntarily watching advertisements.

We’d prefer to see a kid-friendly version of this app that lets them play the fun word game but not have the ever-present motivation to pay money or view ads. 

Overall rating of the app.

The puzzle part of this app is a challenging and fun activity which has some value in helping its users learn new words. We can’t wholeheartedly recommend the app for educational purposes due to its use of advertisements and consumable in-app purchases.

However, it is easy to assess this app for your or your kids over the age of thirteen as it is a free download, and you can get plenty of play without spending anything. 

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Android, iPad, iPhone




Thinking & Reasoning


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