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About VoxTrain

The course Voxtrain is a vocal training class. It is aimed towards any student interested in understanding their voice and improving their singing from absolute beginnings, to developing the complexities and understanding the depth of singing through use of breathing, tone and control. The display is very easy to navigate and understand, and needs no further instruction. The use of the videos is engaging and helpful, aided by diagrams where suitable, and further exercises to practice. This app is designed to give students some interactive enjoyment when improving their singing, without necessarily having to have a singing teacher too, and being able to practice in their own home. 

VoxTrain Review

Voxtrain provides the student with an interactive way to improve their vocal skills using any of their devices. The app gives students the opportunity to practice vocal skills, and understand how to improve their singing. It offers some basic explanations to get started, and when completing the beginners course, you can then move onto the intermediate and advanced courses to improve your singing further. The detail in this is very impressive. I love the engaging way in which the presenter goes through the biological reasoning for singing. This often really helps people as it makes them realise that singing isn’t something that you ‘can or cannot do’, but can be trained, and this is taught very simply, without the emotion and lack of confidence that often comes with singing. The app shows a wide versatility of target audience, starting off from the absolute novice, to the more advanced singer. However, this is generally targeted to an older audience, I wouldn’t suggest any younger than 16 years old, due to the interactivity and the vocabulary required to understand the videos. The mature layout and clarity is also far more attractive to an adult than the colour and excitement that would be required for a younger generation. The skill, knowledge and depth of the app is outstanding, and wholly suit-able for a budding singer.

With the in-app purchase, students are able to develop to the more advanced courses. As you work through each lesson at your own pace, the course encourages you to complete a session per day, but this isn’t insisted upon. Therefore, if you feel you are further along, you can simply complete more lessons in one day where necessary, and miss days if you have to. This progress is saved within the app so that you know what lesson you have got to. A lot of the warm ups and songs are re-peats which also helps with continuing lessons so that your sessions run smoother and you become more confident.

The course takes you through a lot of understanding of how to build the muscles within your voice, and how to control these, understanding the true depths to sing-ing. Each lesson provides you with at least one video, images that may also help, and warm up exercises. Within the videos, I might suggest that the images can pop up on the video to help make sense of it all, rather than having to scroll down to these after you’ve finished the video, which has less impact. I would also suggest that at the beginning of each warm up or exercise, the presenter can quickly introduce ‘this is the warm up for a soprano or tenor singer. We do this warm up be-cause…’ – this would certainly help beginners from skipping important things such as warming up, and help them to understand the importance. Even if this is a re-peat from the video, it does certainly help. It would also really help the beginners who do not read notation, that during the exercises, there was an arrow that took you along each note, so that they could follow the shape and help them to understand the vocal exercise quicker.

The videos are so informative. It gives such depth without going over your head, and the presenter speaks clearly and slowly, which really helps the learner to understand. It also has a good musical accompaniment which definitely helps the video along! The only audio quality I would mention with this is that the presenter sounds very tinny and reverbed; I would highly suggest that these need a little bit of mastering to soften the edges, as this can cause a bit of a hiss and is quite un-comfortable to listen to, which is a massive shame, when the course is so fantastic.

I really like all the warm ups and exercises. For many adults, it can be difficult to find the time to do courses such as this. I would love this to also have a podcast link perhaps, or another way in which I can listen to this whilst in my car straight from the app, through my car speakers. This would help me to practice singing on my long car journeys to work and back, keep me focused on my singing, make sure I did my daily exercise, without taking time out of my day! I would love this to hap-pen, please can you do it!!

Understandably it’s very difficult to redesign a lot of your ideas due to the use of piggybacking onto the WorldClass app, which must be difficult. However, it works well within the Worldclass app, and the design is excellent. I would really love there to be an opportunity to have a ‘Chat to us’ button. This would really help if somebody had a problem with their singing that they just couldn’t fix. Understandably this couldn’t be used like a private teacher, but there could be a subscription fee to this perhaps, or a ‘ask one question a week to the teacher’ query, so that everyone could only ask one question, making this more manageable? This would really help the learner feel like they have their own private teacher, and that they are cared about and personalized for. Alongside this if there is any opportunity to do so, it would really help if the exercises or warm ups could have some sort of feedback. This could be with the use of a microphone monitoring the notes that is being hit with the use of a tuner. However, as the app is far more advanced than this and the focus of the app is about depth and tone of singing, I would again suggest perhaps a subscription service where learners can send off their work each week to be ‘marked’ and a simple rating score could be sent back to them by a real teacher! This would have a huge buy-in, I feel!

The developers say that this could be used in a classroom. I would agree in some ways. As a teacher, I would want to train with this myself, and then deliver this personally myself to my students. Alternatively, I could set it as a class task to do at home. To do that however, each student would need a subscription and there would need to be a sharing feature. Personally, I would not feel like I could use the app directly within the classroom, but definitely indirectly.

I love the ethos from the developer, the passion that is clearly present, and where this app and course may go to. Very exciting times. Well done!

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