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About Voot Kids

VOOT Kids is an exclusive kid edutainment platform from the house of Viacom18 Media Private Limited. Due to its large content bank, which includes 13,000 hours of videos, 500+ e-books, 150+ audio stories, 5000+ quizzes, and Fun games, the app provides users with an enjoyable and engaging learning experience. The app VOOT Kids a secure place for children with its high-quality material available across four main categories of the watch, read, listen, and learn as well as parental control tools including the option to set screen time limits and monitor browsing history.

Voot Kids Review

Voot is an entertainment app for your kids to watch their favorite shows, read books, listen to stories and learn with fun, all at one place!

What do we like about Voot Kids?

Product experience, content, and safety are the three pillars on which VOOT Kids was founded. Voot Kids is a package that is both family- and kid-friendly. The app will provide a holistic experience centred on seeing, reading, listening, and playing because it is the only kids' app to be certified by the Early Childhood Association (ECA).

What skills does it improve?

Voot Kids offers a never-before blend of entertainment and education in a safe and secure app. For a comprehensive fun and educational experience for your children, in addition to the most watched video material on the planet, there are bestselling e-books, audio stories, and games in 5 different skill domains.

What age is it appropriate for?

Voot Kids is appropriate for children of 2 to 8 age. 

Is Voot Kids free?

Voot Kids is available for 30 days free trial and a subscription is required. Voot Kids is available on all iOS and Android devices.  

Are Voot Kids easy to use?

Voot Kids offers an atmosphere that is free of advertisements, safe, and secure. Create up to four child profiles, each with a different set of viewing preferences, suggestions, and settings. You can observe on any device: on your phone, tablet, and TV, enjoy Voot Kids. With Voot Kids, you will have access to top-notch children's content chosen by academics and subject-matter authorities.

How will students benefit?

Voot Kids also offers book recommendations. Each book has been created to allow your children to read it comfortably on a mobile device. Kids can learn new words thanks to features like narration. Additionally, students can tap any word to hear the pronunciation at any time while reading, or they can double-tap a word to get its definition.

As they respond to multiple-choice questions and complete the activities, your children will acquire new information, test their knowledge, and receive rewards. Voot Kids will aid in your children's easy and enjoyable exploration of the world around them, from healthy habits, morals, and fundamental manners to creative expression, language skills, mathematics, and reasoning.

How will parents benefit?

Through the Profile section in the top left corner of the Voot Kids app, users can enter the Parent Zone. Parents can use this password-protected area to see how much time their children have spent using the programme. Through the 'Preferences' area under Parent Zone, parents can manage daily app usage and set a bedtime for each profile. The parent may follow the child's progress using the app's reading level markings.

What can Voot Kids improve on?

Voot Kids asks for numerous permissions while signing in. The content may not be the perfect fit for kids of younger age. 

How much do Voot Kids cost?

Voot Kids cost Rs.799 a year. 

Final thoughts

When it comes to digital fun learning, VOOT Kids is a category-founding product that meets the demands of parents looking to provide their children beneficial screen time for their cerebral, emotional, and social development. VOOT Kids aspires to be India's safest one-stop online destination that entertains, engages and enriches children under one roof. It has parental control features that enable parents to evaluate progress, limit screen time, track content ingested, and observe usage patterns.

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